How is everyone doing?

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I've been checking back on this discussion board and noticed that many people post an initial discussion but seldom come back to post an update. So, I am starting this discussion to give everyone a chance to post an update. Unfortunately our journey with stomach cancer is not limited to a single day but several days/months/years. What was an issue yesterday may be different from what is an issue today.

Besides, who else but other board members really understand what it is like to walk this path?

My update: Doc recently had me do blood labs because he suspects a defiency in zinc (add that to the Vit D defiency, malnourishment, dehydration, etc.) Bloodwork on Saturday showed low TSH levels (zinc test is a send-out so results aren't back yet). Doc is doing further bloodwork to determine if thyroid is to blame. Anyone else struggling to maintain proper nutrition when your system rejects solids and liquids? I also have sarcoidosis which complicates things (anyone else have a double whammy as well?).

Who else has lost hair due to possible malnourishment? How do you handle the thinning hair? I went and got a curly perm because it doesn't show the thinning as much as my straight hair did.

Lots of other questions but I will let these percolate for now.