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What are you doing?

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During my months of chemo I remember reading about the adventures of people on this board. Some went crappie fishing, some went to the zoo. We have people who took part in plays, did art projects and went on trips. I would like to see what you have been up to this summer?

What have I been doing? I actually got some tomato plants to grow, did a turn and burn trip to Colorado to check on family, started rebuilding my little business, and found out I will be a Grandma to Twins! Mostly I keep on living!Not exciting to most but I like it.

Now it is your turn!

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I have had a ball ever since. My family (and I mean all 80 of them) got together for the 4th of July. We laughed and partied like never before. I got to babysit my son's dog during the fireworks celebration. She shook like an epileptic. It was almost sad. I thought I was going to have to find a paper bag to put over her nose she was hyperventilating so bad.

We cleaned up, my hubby left for 3 days for work. So now, I'm just relaxing until I work on Friday. Well, not really resting. He blew out my drivers side window of my Grand Cherokee while weed whackin' and I need to get that replaced tomorrow. LOL.

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Well, Big things happening here, my oldest son is getting married in about 3 weeks in Jamaica!!! Yes, we are all going and I cannot wait. I was so worried last year that I wasn't going to be here for this moment and I am!! Life has a funny way of going on no matter what is happening with me and anyone else. I hope that all of you are able to experience the happiness and joy of feeling well!!

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This week my husband and I are on vacation. We went back to our beloved Virginia for a long weekend. Had a chance to visit with a lot of friends from our church there. July 4th night was especially good, because a bunch of us spent time with a friend who has lung cancer. Bunches of his family were there, plus a lot of friends. We had wonderful food, and some of the guys had arranged a big fireworks show for Floyd, because he's not well enough at this point to go out to a public display.

Since we've returned to NC, we've been going around to see some of the places here that we had not visited. It's been hot as blazes, but we've enjoyed being together.

Tomorrow might be the biggest adventure yet-I'm planning on seeing if I can get this messy house cleaned!


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Sorry for the late reply. Right now, packing up some stuff from the cottage to take home after a 10 day getaway. Had a great time but it was way too hot but the storms that blew in over the lake were huge, lots of lightening and thunder crackling. Now, for the 2 1/2 hour drive home. I came up a few days before George so we got 2 cars up here.

Saw the daugher 2 weekends in a row in June and that was some fun time, she lives out of state but only 5 hours away.

Now back to work on Monday and then some more time up here then off to Vegas.

Cancer or not, we refuse to just sit and wait for the other shoe to drop, we are continuing to enjoy life and all it has to offer. If the cancer acts up again, we will deal with it when that happens.

Hugs - Tina

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May be auditioning for another play, if I'm feeling ok, the theater will be doing "Sleepy Hollow" and I'd love a part in that, my 2 younger girls will be starting cross-country tomorrow, so I'll be busy shuffling them back and forth as well while they do their "conditioning".

Same here Tina, cancer or not, we can't let it stop us from doing the things we love, and even at times I have to really push myself to get out of bed, but I feel better once I do it. :)


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Cool thread Jan.

I've watched a lot of soccer.

I visit the Grand Canyon every day - three times a day. That's what I call my 16 inch long wound from surgery - the Grand Canyon. Actually it's healing up pretty well now - more like a tributary.

I've been feeling much better lately and I have way more energy. My 4 year old son loves construction sites (as do I). There are a few that we visit from time to time. It's not much of an adventure, but it makes both of us happy.


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Like Tina and Donna I am living life in spite of the cancer. I went to the NJ shore for a week when my teaching job was done for the year. My mom, sister, and I and our 3 girls..lots of fun. Tending to my flowers. Enjoying my pool in the heat. Had a fun 4th of July pary. Walking 3 miles a day in spite of my Xeloda feet. Carting my daughter around to karate and tennis. Took my daughter and her friends to the Eclipse movie the night it was released at midnight.

Its great to hear what everybody is doing.


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