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Well there has been good news from biopsy, it is benign for the small lump but did not check the big lump since they believe there is nothing to worry about. My concern has been the lump that is growing and still is. They don't feel it is a tumor as such and though I am in pain also do not believe that this lump is causing me the problems. Funny I didn't start having any problems til the two lumps grew. The one the biopsied was in the lymphnode so glad for the biopsy since my cancer had spread to lymphnodes.
I asked about surgery for the big lump to have removed and feel they cannot see it on MRI so cannot remove. They are going to do another MRI in three months and then will also include my shoulder and will see what they find then.
This big lump is still growing and must be pressing on things to cause the problems though doctors do not see it this way. I will try to continue working and see what happens. Now a wait and see game for me.
The good news is not cancer they can find. The bad news was they did find other things and I am glad to know that I know my body and know when something is wrong and that is comforting all by itself.
Enjoy the Summer months and hope you all get out and do something wonderful for yourselves.

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