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capsular contracture treatment with SIngular and Accolate

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I am a two and a half year survivor of breast cancer and was hoping someone out there has heard of this treatment for capsular contracture (a hardened capsule formed around an implant). I have looked at the Baker scale for capsular contracture and I think I rate between a III and a IV. It is painful and feels like it is causing pressure on my heart. Has anyone else had this? Does the allergy medicine work? I am in so much pain it is hard for me to function.

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My reconstructive surgeon just told me that the skin around my implant is hardening because of radiation....like scar tissue...is this what you are experiencing?I only had the implants put in a couple of months ago so this is a new condition to me....

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My daughter takes Singulaire every day for the last 2 1/2 years for her asthma (along with 3 other inhalers) ans it works very well for that.
It has made such a difference to her. The ingredient in it is a lukotryline (sorry for spelling!) receptor and when you get an allergy,the lungs produce gunge,blocking up the airways and making breathing difficult.The Singulaire prevents this gunge being formed when you come in contact with an allergen.

Not sure how it would help with a cap.contracture though???

I would ask your doc why he is giving you this for cap.con and how it is meant to help. Singulaire CAN have side effects of bad headaches,as was the case with my boss's wife,and she had to come off it. Emily only got them on and off for around 6-12 months then they eased off.

Are you asthmatic?

Christine Louise
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I think you should see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. You shouldn't have to put up with this kind of pain. This can be fixed, my ps says. Best of luck!

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Hi, the allergy medications Singulair and Accolate have the off label use for capsular contracture. IMO Accolate has the higher success rate but Singulair is safer to take. Both can help thin the capsule(by decresing inflammation) if its early grade contracture. There are other therapies that are not 100% proven but won't hurt to try, Papaverine, Serrapeptase, Castor Oil packs (with heat), and of course daily massage is a must. I am taking Singulair, Vit E, Serrapeptase, prednisone, using the castor oil packs, and massaging daily. My cc is due to the radiation that I received 1 1/2 years ago. Oh I almost forgot, ultrasound is also used to break up scar tissue. I spoke with my plastic surgeon and he says he doesn't see how ultrasound would help. I chose not to use this because it's just too expensive ($1000) for something that is not guaranteed to work. I'm trying the other less expensive methods first. Good luck!

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