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Women only found something that helped

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Hi I posted earlier about my problem with radaition side effects and hemoroids etc. I found I was having a hard time starting to pee and then I would strain my anus and it would hurt. I decided to try to pee standing up and WOW what a difference. NOt pretty but whatever (been doing it like that in Turkey for ever) Hope this helps. Laura

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Hello - found your post quite interesting. Had same problem after my hemi surgery and removal of part of the tumor but started up again once radiation started. Found if I leaned forward as far as I could or partially stood, it was so much easier and less painful. Must be our putting our bladders further out or in or moving something around that makes it seem less stressful. Thanks for sharing. Marilyne

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Laura and Marilyne,

I found if I leaned forward it would help also. One thing my radiologist nurse told me to do, is to take the strain off of my anal canal, would be to get a foot stool and use that while using the bathroom, I do that to this day, and it does cause less pressure. Laura if you do that hopefully it will get rid of that hemi. Lori

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I also had such a hard time peeing and I stood up too! You are the first person that I have heard of doing this beside myself. You are right when you say it is not pretty but whatever helps is what you do.....


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