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I am scheduled for HIPEC

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Hi everyone! I am scheduled for HIPEC (Heated intraperitoneal cancer) surgery. It is very gruesome I know. I will take chemo after the hipec. Probably doxil as it worked better than carbo/taxol for me for some reason. I am scared but have decided to do it. it is the only way to truly control peritoneal carcinmatosis. Some specialists are now advocating intraperitoneal chemo if your washings were positive. I think this is very interesting. It is now being considered for ovarian too first line. It has been difficult gathering data. It is expensive and alot of staff is needed to carry it through. I will be in the hospital ten days. They will keep research data in a research group that is using this. I will need your prayers and hopes to get through!

I wasn't going to post but I think keeping new treatments and state of the art treatments helps us keep abreast of what is going on.


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I'm glad you shared this information. I will definitely raise you up in healing thoughts. I think you are smart to do this. I don't know much about it but Mimi mentioned this awhile back and I remember her saying that HIPEC has a "window of opportunity" that, if missed, eliminates this as an option in the future. I'm glad you can and are going to take advantage of this.

Don't think gruesome - think healing!!! I found a Bellaruth CD that I didn't realize I had that has some cool imagery to deal with trauma. Maybe this will help even BEFORE you get this. Let me know if you want it. When are you scheduled for this??

Love, Mary Ann

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Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way!

Thanks for sharing what is exciting news for you....I am confident you are in
capable and skilled hands.

Please keep us posted....we are here for you!


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Diane I will keep you in my prayers and send positive, happy, healing thoughts to you. I always appreciate your posts; very informative. I am sure you will do well.

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I am glad you posted. I appreciate hearing what you are going through. I know you talked about this treatment before. I can understand you being scared. Anytime we do something new, it is scary. We don't know how we will react to it. I hope you do well with both the surgery and the Doxil. In the hospital 10 days, wow. I will be interested to hear more about the surgery and chemo. I had positive washings when I had my surgery.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. It must be scary for them, too. In peace and caring.

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Thank you for your love and concern. Mary Ann I would love your Bella Ruth CD for trauma. I've got to admit I am scared! I've been mostly inside lately, It's been so hot here (100 yesterday) and I get heat exhaustion easily since the last chemo. I think those of us on chemo have to be careful of the heat!
Keep me in your prayers.


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You're in my thoughts and prayers!! I've never heard of your surgery but will do a google search to learn more. We can never know enough as one day it might be us in your shoes. Sounds like you had positive washings and this surgery is part of the fix?

Be positive and believe all will be just fine. Visualization of a positive outcome will produce better results....I'm a believer of the book "The Secret"....great reading!!!

((((hugs)))) for a great surgery~

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i don't think we've communicated directly before, at least not much, but i do want you to know that i, too, am thinking of you, and wishing you the very best. it does sound difficult, though not gruesome, and it sounds like the right thing to be doing. i'm glad you're posting, not only to share the new information with us, but so that you can have more of the support you deserve. so know that many of us here are keeping you in our hearts and minds, and that you are not alone. of course, we want to know how you're feeling when you've had the procedure. it will be over before you know it. sounds like you have a time scheduled, would you want to let us know when that is?

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I am very excited for you. Have heard very positive info on the treatment. Is an exceedingly good option for first time UPSC and ovarian patients also, I think. May be standard treatment shortly.

You look wonderful. I will be thinking of you. I thought on one of the Grey's Anatomy shows that they showed this treatment being used, theoretically, you know what I mean. I appreciate when the televison addresses current issues, miss Boston Legal's commentary on societal conundrums.


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Diane, Thanks for letting us know about this upcoming event. With 10 days in the hospital planned, I'm sure it is a significant procedure. My thoughts will be with you for smooth sailing and a most uneventful experience. Likewise, I will be interested in hearing how all progresses, post-surgical expectations, etc., as it is a new to me.
Sending positive thoughts and {{{hugs}}} your way. Annie

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IP chemo is really an exciting option; everything I read talks about the increased progression free survival of 11+ months that IP chemo typically affords you. It's 'front line chemo' for primary peritoneal cancer, and with your recurrence site I would opt for it if I were you. Seems like every ovarian cancer 'teal warrior' posting on that Discusion Board that is young and healthy is being given IP chemo in addition to their IV-chemo now. One young woman there has just done 4 rounds of it; most only get in 1 or 2 before it gets to be too much. Women getting even 1 round of it feel more confident about their prognosis; it's that good. I've read posts of women crying brcause they WEREN'T physically strong enough to get it.

So all your hard work to regain your overall health was worth it, since you are a candidate now for this powerful effective chemo, available only for the strong. ((((hugs)))). It's a powerful cancer-killing treatment, and a harsh one, and I understand and appreciate your anxiety about letting them do it to you. But think back to your hysterectomy and how crazy and invasive and difficult that was, and yet you never hesitated. IP is like that almost. Promising enough to make such an unimaginably difficult treatment decision a 'no brainer', a 'must-do'. (((((Diane))))). I feel good about your decision and the hope and time it will buy you.

Reach out to me if you need a willing ear to kick this around. You're in my prayers, kiddo.

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I know it's going to be rough. It is working well for the ovarians and definitely for peritoneal carcinmatosis. I've read a few reports where serous cancer women are 5 years out; they've just started offering it to us. I think it is would be best to have it right after diagnosis. I did the best I could. Thanks for your support!


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Diane....I just got back from vacation and am catching up on the posts. I am sooo glad that you posted the next step in your journey. We will look forward to hearing how things go for you. Am wishing a long, NED life ahead! You are very special!!

BIG hugs to you!!


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Diane, I was just reading up on this on the website of the medical center where I am being treated. Dr. Andrew Lowy is one of leaders in developing this procedure and practices at this center. Not sure if I would be a candidate but your case certainly fits the criteria. I guess it would have been of value at initial debulking stage. Could be a better way to go than the post surgical IP chemo that many are offered. I am a great believer in any treatment that reduces the amount of cancer cells in our bodies so our overly-taxed immune systems have a chance at success. When is your surgery scheduled? Sending positive thoughts your way for a most successful outcome. -- Annie

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Saturday I turned 61 - it was a good day to reflect. I didn't want to let more time go by without sending a very grateful, "Thank you," to all the courageous women on this blog. I don't write much here, but I sure do care about you all-All your intelligence, caring, shares, prayers and wisdom harnessed on this site is so powerful. From Linda to Diane and everyone in between- I wish you great strength and joy and health.
Love, Barb

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