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In August I will celebrate three years since I was diagnosed with stage 3C UPSC. I believe I'm alive because I had excellent doctors who performed surgery, chemo and radiation, I had loving prayers, ginger and green tea, yoga breaths and excercise. I have a village of remarkable friends and family who refuse to accept losing me. I have a will to keep going and loving and living every day. I believe large amounts of laughter is a great medicine as is my wine and my chocolate and my giving in to tears and fears when I need them. I guess I believe it has all helped and oh yes- I believe that I am very very lucky!

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Three years in August, that is wonderful. It is great you have such a good attitude, a great support system, and the will to keep loving and living each day. I would say you are very blessed. May you have many more years to celebrate. In peace and caring.

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I think your post is the closest anyone I have ever read here has come to describing a formula for survival. You are one smart lady. I hope you have many more years of laughter, love, and happiness. Wish I could personally give you a hug. You sound like a great gal.

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I LOVE what you said and how you said it. May your luck, faith, and hope continue for many decades. Please keep us posted - we need to hear from long term healthy and happy survivors like you.

Much love and joy to you, Mary Ann

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We love to hear these success stories.... keep 'em coming!!!

You're such a breathe of fresh air and we all know so much of our success is in our minds...positive thinking!! One nice comment from my oncologist was my positive attitude -- it will get me in the right places!!!

Best to you and so very happy for your 3 years of NED!! Keep doing the NED dancin'~~

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Great News! Everything must have clicked right for you. You are hope to many!


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mazel tov on your years of being alive and well post diagnosis. i did so appreciate everything you said about what's kept you alive from excellent doctors/treatment, to ginger and green tea, to laughter, exercise, yoga, friends, family, feeling your feelings, and luck--that elusive, cannot- be- controlled -for intangible. thank you for posting your story.

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