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90 minutes in heaven

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This is a must read, it gives you strength and hope which we all need especially when dealing with this horrible illness. Anyone who has read it, what do you think.

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Joined: Jun 2009

loved this book.

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Posts: 522
Joined: Mar 2009

I KNOW, wasn't it so inspiational

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Joined: Feb 2008

I loved it. My husband had a near death experience after having a sudden cardiac arrest, so I was vitally interested in the subject.


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I found this book amazing. It gives me comfort to know how wonderful it is in heaven- beyond human description, even.

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A friend bought this for me after my mom died, very inspirational. Definitely gave me hope when I needed it.

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It was wonderful and a must read for everyone

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My good friend from Texas emailed me and told me to go out and get " 90 minutes in Heaven". She said she would send it to me but it would quicker for me to go get it myself. She knows that we are driving round trip almost 400 miles each week for my husbands 3rd Phase One clinical trial and that they have told us maybe two to four months left. I went to a used book store the next day in Nashville and found the book for 75cents. It looked brand new. I read it in one day and it was very uplifting...I let a lady read it that was also staying at the Hope Lodge...her son of 19 yrs has brain cancer. She really liked it. I am loaning it to another friend whose husband is also stage 4 with little hope. If you need a lift this is the book to read. It reminds you that death is not the end.
Hanging on by fingertips,

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yesterday for 1 penny on amazon, sans shipping however which was $3.99; so $4.00 total. Not bad huh. Just hearing you guys talking about it, I had to order it. :o)

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ME!! I had this book on my bookshelf after thinking, "Did my mother give me this book not too long ago?" Why yes, yes she did.

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