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High Alkaline Phosphatase Levels?

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I had a routine appointment at the endocrinologist's office the other day to get a new prescription for my thyroid medication. I had lab work done for the appointment including a Complete Metabolic Panel. Everything was fine on the lab results except for elevated levels of Alkaline Phosphatase--the reference range was 33-130, mine was 288. The nurse practitioner gave me a copy of the lab results and told me she wanted my oncologist to look at it.

I called the onc's office (he was out for the day) and dropped off a copy of the lab results yesterday, Friday. I don't expect to hear back until next week, but in the meantime I looked up Alkaline Phosphatase and colon cancer, and now I'm getting scared. Elevated levels seem to be associated with liver mets and bone mets.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer almost a year ago, August 2009, and had a colon resection followed by 12 treatments of FOLFOX (cancer in 3 lymph nodes). I finished chemo in April 2010 and except for needing one Procrit injection for low red blood cells, everything has been going well. I had a PET scan a month ago that came back clear.

Does anyone know about high levels of Alkaline Phosphatase? Could it be something else not related to colon cancer and mets?

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I had elevated levels and my oncologist wanted to do a CT scan just to make sure everything was ok and it was. They think is was just recovery from surgery and the body way of healing. Also, it you have a fatty liver , sometimes you can have high levels. Will be thinking of you, hopefully someone else can offer more info. Take care. petrina

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yes mine alk phos high after my gallbladder surgery
i done all test evan my liver ultrasound too
doctor told me cause of my gallbladder surgery
i am debiatic type 2
i am controlling my suger and trying to eat very healthy diat
and changing alot.
if any aprovement in me i will write back here
take care

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Alkaline phosphatase (ALP). Elevated levels of this enzyme are typically the first signs of gall stones.

Many of us had gall bladder problems after our surgery. My gall bladder had to be removed in the middle of chemo.

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Thank you for your input, Petrina and Diane. So maybe the high levels are not because of mets, which would be a relief. I'm calling the oncologist tomorrow morning to see what he thinks and what I need to do next.

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