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surgery on june 23rd and now 4 days from getting cath out

griff 1
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i should have posted sooner so hopefully what i have to say will help someone. i have not got on any boards on since my surgery i guess because i was depressed, i should not be, i have a great dr. and a wonderful family. anyway my surgery was 6 and a half hours, i had a ruotured appendex in feb, so it took longer due to that. they found a hernia that had to be repaired before they could do the da vinci. when i woke up i was very sore to say the least. 6 hours after surgery i was ready to leave the hospital and go camping, 2 hours after thet and i took 10 steps back, boy you go up and down and that sucks. anyway i ended up staying 3 days, i could have stayed another night but my room was getting to me and the bed was horrible. i am not looking forward to having the cath out because then you have to deal with pads and being dry, anyway way good luck to all. griff

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I think all of us were greatly relieved to get the cath out. It comes out easy enough. You will be more comfortable with it out, too. Just take a deep breath, and its out- just like that.

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