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Ok...so this weird and a bit light hearted, but we all need to think of something weird and wacky from time to time!

I have found that since my diagnosis, I have experienced a range of cravings...have you experienced the same thing?

Initially, after diagnosis, I really wanted wine and chocolate..lots and lots of wine and chocolate!

Before surgery, I was a diet coke addict, I drank diet coke for breakfast and throughout the day, since surgery however, I'm sure the coke company will be posting a significant loss in profits, because I can't STAND the stuff!

I woke up from surgery craving ginger ale and Luigis Lemon Italian Ice. That craving continued well into the second chemo.

Then around the third chemo, I started craving apples...gala apples....cut into wedges...at room temperature. A very specific and weird craving, it lasted until between the fourth and fifth chemos.

The most recent craving, since about chemo #5, has been citrus. I crave all things citrus. Lemonade, Orange Juice, Extra Limes in my Corona, starburst fruit juice...if it's citrus I must have it!

What are you craving?

I have to run to the store for more lemonade ...I'll check in when I get back!

Leesa ;)

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I also crave citrus, expecially lemon and limeade! On my way home from chemo I always have to get a mango fruit smoothie from Spangles. I crave Subway sandwiches, and spicy foods to dull the metal taste. I used to drink iced tea and coffee like crazy. After surgery the thought of coffee was sickening and tea gave me a splitting headache from the caffeine. Now I just drink alot of water, and lemonade!

I guess odd and specific cravings must go along with chemo.


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Cravings are just one way your body tries to replenish what's been depleted and are often hormonal in nature. Just keep in mind when your at the store not to over buy for your craving. What you can't get enough today you may loathe tomorrow. Just look forward to the next strange combination your body may want.

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I had the citrus craving after my surgery. It was the only thing I would eat for weeks and weeks. Except strawberries. I started eating strawberries around my second treatment.

Right now, raspberry sherbet is my new best friend. In between the strawberries and raspberry sherbet, it was carbs.

Pre-surgery I was a devotee of Starbucks lattes and Coke Zero. It took a long time for me to cultivate a new taste for either one. I don't drink nearly as much Coke as I used to....less than 8 ounces a day.


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Popcycles and watermelon. Yes,I too have weird cravings. For 7 weeks after my colostomy nothing sounded or tasted good and then it kicked in again. Saundra

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Nothing wierd or wacky about it. After Chemo treatment you have such a bad taste in your mouth and no appitate. So anything that sounds good to me and tastes good I go overboardl.
I love melons, and crave them, thank goodness it is summer.


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Lisa, I can tell you are a teacher, you are so good at giving us an assignment:)

With my initial carbo/taxol, it was sweets, and especially home made chocolate chip cookies. I gained 30 pounds.

On cisplatin/gemzar, I craved oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers and boiled eggs (when I could eat that is) and had to have lemon in my water, or it tasted bitter. I couldn't stand the smell of rice cooking, meat, or coffee. I lost 30 pounds.

On doxil, it was winter and I wanted soups, hot coffee and hot cocoa. I also wanted hot food, especially carbs. But, I had to wait until it cooled. I ate a lot and spent a lot of time in my recliner, soaking my feet in ice water. I gained the 30 pounds back. Darn!

Now, I am on chemo break, and am trying to cut back on calories and loose some weight. So, for me the cravings have changed with each chemo, and so has my weight, LOL

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Food cravings are interesting. Some cravings (crunching ice, for example) are associated with specific nutritional needs, but not necessarily the food you are craving. Others mean your body is lacking in that particular element.

When my daughter was pregnant she had a yen for sour stuff. Nothing was sour enough. Then she found little green envelopes at a convenience store of something called "Sour Pickle", or "Pickle Powder" - something like that - and she was in heaven!

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after not eating for 2 or 3 weeks other then bits of food enough to keep me alive and some ensure i got a craving one night for dill pickles i came into the kitchen and started eating them from the jar 5 pickles i thought this was to weird as i hadnt eaten hardly anything and this is what i craved and also since the chemos i cant tolerate much sweets and thats even weider cause sweets were my downfall..so this ovc had done some interstingchanges, now if the weight would just fall awya with the cancer all would be good...GOD BLESS US ALL AND MAY WE BEAT THIS HORRID DISEASE..PRAYING FOR US ALL...GABBY55

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This is so funny you brought this up Leesa,

I thought my new cravings were just my own little bizarre behavior .

In general, all my life I detested broccoli, asparagas, artichokes, cottage cheese and I was never a drinker (not even socially).

NOW? I LOVE all of the above and now I find myself craving my occassional margarita (and it better be made right too) LOL!

Friends and family just look at me in awe!

I've always had a love for chocolates pre-surgery and post...I guess that will never change!

Go figure.


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