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Kidney damage and Morphine use

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I found out lately that my kidneys are starting to function alot less than before and one of the Hospice nurses( along with a doctor where I volunteer) have state that continuous use of pain killers such as Morphine can cause kidney damage.I take roughly 1500mgs all total a day to fight the pain, and they say that I can change meds, but that wont help the damage thats done.
I am at a cross road as to pain management verses kidney damage. I have been on Morphine for over 2 years and I have managed my pain with good results with the Morphine. I am afraid to change meds now would be to start all over again, and the fact that the Morphine does help relax my heart when it starts to spasm. When I feel chest pain I take 100mg Morphine and 1.5mg of ativan, it help reduce the pain in the heart and relaxes it.
I guess I am writing this for many reasons, has anyone had similar experience, and to let others know what can happen when using pain killers for a long period of time. I have a high thrushold for pain, and I refuse to let them increase the meds so I lose my quality of life.I can only hope that my kidneys do as I have and refuse to give up, I am currently flushing my system with a lot of water a day. Hopefully that helps, but as they have told me, my body is fighting so hard that it is taking a toll on my entire system. I guess that I can truly say that I am fortunate still to be here, and that everything I have been through has been worth it, because it has kept me going..

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Everyone,
Dan(cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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