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Two years into this now, did carbo,tarceva now on alimta, went to see DDs he said teeth are ok. Gums have receeded and exposed bone along with some deterioration.Leaving one tooth somewhat mobile. Onc says NO to any kind of surgery and I agree. Anyone else got any like kind experience. Oh by the way it only affected two teeth molars!


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    Hi! Yes the chemo did in mine also. I've had them cleaned but am waiting for the big stuff. My Dentist told mee much of the tooth damage is due to the fact that the chemo not only dries out your mouth, but makes your mouth a hostile environment for your teeth (acidity). He recommended that I always keep my mouth moist by way of water and to swish around mouthwash a few times a day. He reccomended Crest Pro-Health or any wash that doesn't contain alcohol. Hope this helps!