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No evidence of disease

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I toyed around with toying around with anyone who is interested in this news but decided that I am too grateful for all the amazing people in my life who have gone out of their way to tell and show me they care to mess around like that.

Dr "Hee Hee" Lee, Doc Nuke 'Em, the radiation oncologist called and said of Monday's PET/CT scan "everything looks fine, there's no abnormal uptake anywhere, see you on your next scheduled visit". In other words there is no evidence of disease. It looks like they got it all.

Dr G, the amazing surgeon I have written about here sent an email: "Everything looks great on your PET scan! That's great news. I recommend follow up every 2 months for the first year. Let me know if you want to come back here to be seen rather than San Rafael."

I just got off the phone with #1 son and he said "That makes it official, right? You're a cancer survivor!" I guess so.

I am overwhelmed. I don't really know how to feel. It seems like I've been without good news for such a long time that I can hardly believe it.

Now it will be a series of PET/CT scans as part of follow up for a few years until the 5-year mark when they claim you are a "long term survivor" which doesn't say much about statistics. But, this is definitely good news and I am very happy to be able to share it with whoever wants to know.



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We have our good news together. YIPEE!!

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Congratulations! After all the constant bad news it's hard to know what to do when you get good news. Enjoy it and be proud of yourself for pressing through.

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Hey Mick,

Really happy for you man. Keep up the good work!!!


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MICK, we all want to know so we can celebrate with you!!! That news is just excellent and makes all of us very happy for you. It makes me so happy whenever I hear this news that it actually brings tears to my eyes. I'm so glad that so many here have recently received good news. I am tipping my hat to you right now!! Way to go.
God bless you friend,

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Glenna M
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That is such great news!! Love to read of others who are doing so good, it gives us hope that we can do this too.


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Great news Mick. Happy for you. It's been a rough ride for you so this is well earned news.

Keep on getting better.


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I said it before, your good news is everyone's good news. When you get the news of being cancer clear, it keeps all of us in there fighting, knowing what is possible. I am so happy for you and your good results. Let it sink in and enjoy every day!!!

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What are the odds/percentages of those with initial Head and Neck diagnosis making it as a "long term survivor" (5 years) without a re-occurrence of the cancer ? Just wondering if anyone knew off the top of their heads. I'm too lazy to try and look for that data.


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Great news Mick! Glad to hear it. Keep on, keeping on!

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Thanks everyone. If anyone is in downtown Petaluma on August 21st come to Helen Putnam Plaza to hear my band The Beets, your favorite rocking root vegetable band, play! It will be my first gig since this all started.

I was told that my chances for long-term, disease free survival (5+ years) was 80% with the Full Monty treatment and 20% with just surgery. I wasn't given any numbers beyond 5 years. I know a few people so far who are 5+ years. My understanding is that recurrence is more likely, statistically speaking, when the cause is something other than HPV+ related, but my gut says who knows.

Thanks again to everyone for the prayers. best wishes, and support through all this.



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So very happy for you!

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Some of the best words to ever come out of doctor's mouth NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE. Congrats. The further out from treatment the lower the odds of recurrence.

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I just have a hard time with percentages....

There are so many factors and variables involved, health going in, tolerance to treatment and chemicals/radiation, age, heriditary factors, etc......

Besides, who is to say what a persons five year out come on life is really? Even if we hadn't been diagnosed and treated for cancer. There are so many other factors and variables that you can come across without any knowledge, control, or prevention of.

You could have never gotten cancer, and have a lower percentage of a five year survival and never even realize it. I think just because we have been exposed to the disease and treatment, we start looking at mortality rates.

Anyways, just my thoughts at the moment.... I hope that we all have a full, long, and mainly positive event filled life.


friend of Bill
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Wonderful to hear the word "overwhelmed" in conjunction with GOOD NEWS! I echo #1 son's proclamation!


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D Lewis
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Congratulations on becoming a cancer SURVIVOR! Now get out there and enjoy your life!


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That's great news Mic; so happy for you!!! =)

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I am sooo happy for you!!


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Mick that is really great news and I am very happy for you.

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Pam M
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Excellent! Very happy to hear NED.

Jealous that you have your results, and I have to wait 'til tomorrow for my results from Monday's tests.

Keep it up.

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Wonderful news, Ned.

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LOL now I'm thinking of changing my nickname to Ned.

Thanks everyone for the best wishes.

I got more news today about my hearing. The lady odiologist said I likely have permanent hearing loss due to cisplatin which is notorious, according to her, for causing moderate to severe hearing loss. I am in borderine hearing aid territory and she wants me to wear ear plugs when we rock out at practice and gigs. Ah well, ther nerw normal. Got to take the good with the bad because I am here, alive and writing about it. I'll take that over the alternative.



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I am happy for you my friend, and don’t worry about number game, there are enough of us still living way passed that 5 year mark

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Congratulation's! Such great new's!

Kent Cass
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Congrats, of course, for all you have accomplished, Mick. Am sorry to learn of the hearing loss. My Cisplatin/FU5 history did nothing to my hearing ability, so I guess this is another example of how similar treatments affect people differently.

You mentioned the 5-years. Remember my ENT telling me that before I started treatment- that he wouldn't declare me C-free until 5-years down the road (after treatment). Probably is a Standard thing they go by, and nothing more, but I was told pretty-much the same as you. Rad and Onco talked about the C-free differently, like I'm already there. Kinda like their attitude/perspective more than our ENT's. Reckon such is H&N C, you know. We'll both get there, as will the vast majority, if not all, of us.

Again, EXCELLENT news.


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get rid of your old emails etc etc etc!!!

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