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Mom's Miracle Testimony...in her letter to a friend.

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I remember praying the night mom was in the hospital. I had just turned 14 years old (2004). Mom had stage 4 tonsil cancer that had met to her left lymph nodes to her carotid artery. they had given her 22 treatments of radiation and 2 types of chemo...which almost killed her. That night I had seen mom in the most severe pain I have ever seen anyone experience; no meds could touch it. She was burnt from the inside out (esophagus all the way up to her lips were sores) and she was on TPN through a port. She was deaf in one ear and her immune system was completely compromised. They prepared us for the worst. She was only 40 at the time. My dad was in total emotional shock...understandable. But there was something so disturbing about that pain...I could not stand it. I went home and begged God for His help. I just begged for her to have a peace that passes ALL peace...a peace like the sound of angels singing...a peace only HE could give her. I prayed for Jesus to hold her...to take her pain away. That night I gave it to Him. I found this letter from mom to a friend who was losing a father to cancer. Here is mom's version the story and her miracle:
My dear friend,
I did not know (and still do not know who) that you recently lost someone so dear to you. I needed to send you a special message.

We have known each other for so very long and I believe with all I am that our Father is so faithful he puts people into our lives even if it is momentary to remind us that He is carrying us through our pain. I know death. I was so close to death in May 2004. I will tell you that I had people praying for me I did not know. I was in the hospital and had been septic and in so much pain for 4 days. Now, I want you to read what I am telling you and know for certain of God's comfort for His children at death.

I could not see very well and had lost almost all of my hearing due to an overload of chemo and radiation. Nothing was helping and I was being treated for severe burns. I drifted off and woke up to music in the next room over. I was so surprised to actually hear music playing. It was Christian music and I figured I couldn't place the songs due to the level of drugs being forced into me. Each song was so familiar and beautiful, Brad. It did not stop all night. People came into my room and I didn't even care. I was so comforted by the songs being sung and the music of my neighbor. I couldn't see one person from the other because they had to dress in scrubs anyway. I rested all night into the next day feeling less pain than I had in days. I was so glad that the Dr.'s finally found a combination of meds to help me. When Dani and Van insisted I open my eyes to listen to them, I was a little annoyed because I was resting so well. I had lost my voice due to vocal cord burns, but whispered to each of them that I could hear the beautiful songs. I asked what the names of the songs were beause they were so familiar and I knew they would know them. I could not hear them try to talk to me, but remember wondering why they looked so sad when I was obviously feeling better and more rested. For the next 4 days I rested and listened to the beautiful choir sing and the melodies flowed through the room and quieted my thoughts and pain. Time was not important and I was able to focus on the love of my family without having to struggle with words. I thanked God for my neighbor in the hospital and prayed the person would get better, but also secretly wanted them to stay since I could hear music for the first time in so long.

On the 8th morning, I awoke in tremendous pain with no more music. Doctors were in my room with Dani and Van. Nurses were poking and moving me. I hurt so badly and was upset I couldn't hear. I whispered to Dani and Van who were very very happy (which made me confused)...... did my neighbor leave? I miss the music I told them. I need better pain medicine again I explained tears streaming down my face. They were making arrangements for home health care so I could be transported home. I thought to myself that they were crazy! I was worse!

Brad, I was better.......there was no neighbor. There was no music from another room. I had been barely responsive and my medicine had not been changed or lessened.

I was given the chance to hear just a little of the sweet sounds of Heaven. Death does not hurt Brad. To everyone around me, it looked very painful and upsetting. To me, I felt better than I had in months and rested wonderfully to the songs of angels and saints singing. It was as clear as an ipod with headphones. Beautiful and clear. Comforting and soft. The melodies were as familiar as my husband and child. When God let me stay, the pain of life returned. I am so blessed to be here and felt The Holy Spirit telling me to explain death to you. I listen when Christ moves in me. I owe Him!

You can count on prayers of your friends and the Love of your Holy Father. Death, although it seems bad to those around us, does not hurt.


I hope to all who get the chance to read this understand: my prayer was answered. The next day after asking for mom to have peace, I walked in the room to her smiling. It was a strange smile and she could only whisper what she was hearing...beautiful music. The angels were singing. My Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Our heavenly Father is with you every second...even on death's door. My mom lived. She survived. I truly believe she was meant to share her miracle and help others who are going through such difficult times. God is with you. As you walk through this valley, do not be afraid. He is with you.


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I also believe that death doesn't hurt. Life hurts sometimes but our lifetime is but a moment. We should love and try to help each other when we can while we are here.

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Thank you for sharing this story. I have no doubt she was at the edge of Heaven. There are just no words to describe how amazing our God is.

And Marcia, I love that song too!

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That was so beautiful and gives me such a peace about life and death. God promises to be with us no matter what life dishes out and we read that in the bible and repeat it so many times to ourselves but is it really real to us? Are we actually and continually always aware of God's presence in our lives?? I have to say not always....not when things are going well....it is when we need God the most that we are most aware of His presence and can hear Him the clearest. When we are weak, it is then that we are strong! God bless you and Let God be Magnified!

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Dani thank you for sharing such a beautiful and personal letter with us. I know on my sister's last day on earth she talked continuously for nearly 24 hours. We would sit in the room with her and give her sips of water and put balm on her lips all of which would annoy her because it would interrupt her conversation. At times while we kept watch on her we would chat amongst ourselves and on several occasions she told us to hush as we were talking to loud and she was busy. She was not in pain although she had been in previous days, Hospice was involved and we knew time was closing in on us. Finally she quieted at around midnight and we all went to bed taking shifts keeping an eye on her, she passed that night at 4:00 a.m. Although we were not able to understand the words she was saying she was indeed in conversation with someone. I believe she was talking with God doing the life review so many of us have heard of. I know she was at peace on that day and knowing that gives me a bit of peace.

Hugs to you and your Mom,


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Thanks for sharing your miracle story with us. I had a miracle healing while in the hospital years back that cured my cancers and like you I had been praying desperately for help and no doubt my prayer was received as I experienced a healing line of heat and reassurance in other ways, from The Big Guy, that this was in fact a healing and the cancer would never be back. Let me tell you, I was a believer before but after that, no turning back to those 'what if there is no God scenarios' because I know up close and personal, as you and your Mom do, that He is watching over us. Actually I experienced 2 interventions while I was in hospital, both saved my life. Angels and God were in the room with me during my isolation period, no doubt about that. Wonderful experience to put it mildly.

Someone asked me recently why I thought God chose me to save and not others and I asked myself that before too but I have come to an answer that makes sense to me. I think we all come down to this wild and crazy planet for specific missions and once our missions are completed we move on. Some missions are short like when a child dies shortly after birth but they too have given someone something special - that was their mission. Some missions are long and I'm pretty sure I will be around for quite some time because I am pretty slow in getting the message so I will probably be sticking around for awhile yet. lol.

All the best to you and yours in the New Year.



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Seem I never get tired of hearing,reading about GOD's power. As I stated was told maybe 3 good yrs due to I think to stage 3 prostrate cancer, meaning cancer spread to my bone and other organs. Thank Jesus a bone scan said other wise, thus I was operated on, tissue biopsys came back negative. My doctor words were and is 'this is micaricalous", i told him that I was in GODs hand, he said we like to think we have a little to do with it mmmmmmmmmmmm dont think so. Thus being said medical since is good but our Father is way above words. Many things played a role in this I believe, one of the hardest was me accepting I might die in 3 yrs and only hope was GOD. As of now psa is 0.000 and near 3 yrs out since that terrible and wonderful day, for now each day may be a struggle with side effects from this physical and emotionally its still a blessing.

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