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13 rads and 1 chemo down

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Glenn is in his third week of treatment. He's had one Carbo/Taxol treatment and 13 radiation treatments so far.

Nothing unexpected thus far. Throat pain and mucus starting to increase. Taste leaving but he still eats some things. Drinks Gatorade throughout the day.

Again, I'm so grateful for the PEG and Glucerna being in the house. The transition wasn't very stressful and maintaining nutrition is so important for a diabetic.

Hair just starting to come out today. Saturday, my son's girlfriend will come over and shave his head (she's a hairdresser and has a good clipper/shaver etc.)

Did anyone on Chemo NOT lose their hair?

He's had hiccups off and on for a couple weeks now. MD prescribed 1mg Ativan q12hrs. Doesn't work but 2mg q12 works fine. He's going to fess up to taking more than prescribed, tomorrow.

Although they've given him BMX and Magic Mouthwash, baking soda and salt water seems to work just as well if not better. Wouldn't have known about that if not for reading here.

I myself had a root canal last Thursday and got put on Clindamycin which is nauseating me. I'm looking longingly at Glenns Zofran and Compazine.

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D Lewis
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Hi Miccmill,

I had 38 rads and 3 rounds of cisplatin chemo. I did not lose all my hair. I had a steady thinning throughout treatment, which continues even now, 7 weeks out from end of treatment. Right now, I have about 1/3 of the hair I started out with. I have full hair loss at the nape of my neck that extends all the way up to my ear tops. Part of that is owing to the radiation, part to chemo. The hair loss due to radiation will likely not come back. I now also have significant hair loss at my temples and on the sides of my head. I refer to what remains as "wispy toddler hair." My doc said to expect hair loss to continue for "a while yet." I'm still contemplating the G.I. Jane buzz cut.

Deb (shedding in my sink, on my keyboard and on my pillow)

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I had the same treatment as Deb! My medical oncologist mentioned that cisplatin would cause
my hair to thin. I did not experience my hair thinning untill I finished treatment. I would
brush my hair & notice my brush was full of hair & also my pillow case would be covered in hair. It lasted well untill my third month post treatment. However, I had ton's of hair so no one else noticed. My rad tech was kind enough to explain exactly the path where the radiation would cause hair loss. I am happy to say it is now growing back. I am now four month's post treatment & hair thinning has finally stopped. It is good to hear all of our different experiences as it help's us to understand what we can expect. My oncologist also mentioned not using hair colouring for six month's post treatment.
Hugg's Roz

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Glenna M
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I had 35 rad sessions and 6 cisplatin (twice weekly in 3 week cycles) and I never lost my hair. My doctors and nurses were in awe as they kept telling me it would fall out but it never did. I was concerned that the chemo wasn't working because I hadn't lost my hair but my oncologist assured me that it was working and I was just one of the fortunate few who doesn't have any hair loss.

I did lose some at the base of my hairline in the back but this was due to radiation and I'm happy to say that it is slowly coming back. It was never noticeable but felt strange.

My best to you and Glenn.

Kent Cass
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Does Glenn have a moustache? I did when I started, and noticed the loss of stache hair from the ends. If I hadn't shaved it- no doubt would have had a Hitler-like stache for a couple days! I was Cisplatin/FU5 with full H&N rads- think I lost more hair from the BACK OF MY HEAD than elsewhere. Used to come home and run my hands thru my hair over a sheet of paper, there for awhile, and there was a definite thinning on the top and sides, too. Kept most of it, though, which was a pleasant surprise. Haven't shaved on the left-side of my neck, or jawbone, since 1/09, as there's no need to.

You two keep us informed on how you're holding-up. Road does get a little rough, but Glenn will be okay-



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