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Da Pump!

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OK. 12 weeks post DRP op. I have been using the pump. Not for sex, but for keeping atrophy minimized and increase blood flow. Also on low dose viagra daily. The pump sucks - no pun intended. I think it is a bit painful, but I do it anyway and have used it now for the last 6 weeks pretty much every day. My directions say to "pump it up" 5 times allowing it to shrink in between holding it pumped up for at least 45 seconds.

The other day, I did it and went longer. Bad idea. I developed some real soreness inside the shaft, pain peeing, and soreness at the base as well. I have laid off it now two days and things are getting better.

Can anyone else on the pump share how often they use it, how many repititions, etc. and whether you have experienced anything like my experience above?



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Yeah, I agree the pump sucks.

I've discontinued the use of the pump. My research indicated that the pump does not bring oxygenated blood into the penis, and therefore, does not do too much good with penile rehab.

You may want to read Dr. Mulhall's book "Saving yout Sex Life" that covers the subject, or listen to one of his lectures at: http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/94910.cfm

I do use low dose ED meds, and injections (Trimix).

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I have been trying to use the pump for 2 years and haven't had many good experiences. I will keep an semi-erection for about 2-5 minutes. But I guess I am looking for more.

What about these injections and how do they work?

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If you are experiencing pain pumping, you are using TOO MUCH PRESSURE!

I haven't had surgery nor do I intend to because of the substantial urinary and erectile risks well documented here and elsewhere, but I do use a pump for "recreational purposes" and have used it off and on for years.

Don't know what type of pump and tube you are using and/or whether the tube is the "right" size, but, if you are using a high quality and properly sized tube like Vel-Seal (which comes with a silicone ring to seal and cushion the base of the tube on the pubic bone), you can wear a tube for several hours (although 1/2-1 hour per session is usually enough) w/o any adverse effects, as long as you are NOT using TOO MUCH PRESSURE. See: www.pumptoys.com for an example of high quality Vel-Seal pumping gear.

So, just try using less pressure -- just enough to engorge the penis and hold the tube in place (which is only about 10-15#'s max). Any more that than can cause serious and permanent damage to your penis. The penis tissue will expand on its own over time -- shouldn't take more than 10-15 mins -- at low pressure to completely fill the tube laterally and thereby increase blood flow to the penis, which is your primary objective. Most high quality tubes are 9" long and unless you are really hung (longer tubes are available if you are), you're unlikely to fill the tube vertically unless you are using too much pressure. So, don't try to do that because you'll get an extra 1/2" or so temporarily with low pressure pumping anyway.

You should be able to maintain a constant pressure in the tube w/o pain and w/o having to re-pump too often. If you have to re-pump a lot, you may have the wrong sized tube and/or need a better seal which you can get using a silicone ring and a water or oil based lubricant (doesn't matter which as long as it's not petroleum based, which may damage the silicone ring and/or plastic tube) that you can find on the site noted above and elsewhere.

If you want to make your pumping experience more useful and interesting, you should add jelqing (which is a penis enlargement technique that forces blood into your penis -- enlargement may be a side benefit if you do it correctly and consistently, but forcing blood into your penis is main reason for PCa patients to use this technique) after pumping and kegel exercises (which strengthens your pelvic floor muscles which is believed to aide in resolving ED issues) at any time to your routine. See: http://www.pegym.com/free-penis-enlargement-exercises-guide/how-does-jelqing-work-jelq-techniques-jelquing and http://www.pegym.com/free-penis-enlargement-exercises-guide/kegeling-kegel-exercises-for-men.

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My doc said use it twice a day or three if you can...but for 6 reps only keeping it pumped up for 10-20 seconds each time. I have discontinued using it....as I am now getting pretty hard on my own...not taking the drugs either...I am 6 months out.

Randy in indy

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thanks swingshiftworker for the video tip. I go back to the ED doc in 3 more weeks and will ask a lot more about the injections. For now, I will continue, with less zeal, the pump as Randy suggests. Only 3 months out from surgery, so just need to stay patient.

One cool thing I learned from the video is that I should be taking the viagra at a different time - it needs to be on an empty stomach for at least 2 hours and I didn't know that.


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I didn't know that I had to take it at least 2 hours on an empty stomach. I always tend to wait about an hour before sexual relations.

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