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Worried about the probability of my 73 yr old grandma handling chemo

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My grandma is 120lb frail looking woman, fairly energetic, with a pretty positive attitude towards her very recent diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer that has spread to a portion of her liver. Scan yesterday said her brain was completely clear of any cancer. She is scheduled for chemo on July 1st. I am so afraid that its going to make her so sick that she will refuse to continue with it. And she needs to, for me and my family cant bare to go on without her. Any advice on staying strong through chemo treatments would be so appreciated. She is my true mom as she was the one there for me from the day I was born jumping in place of her daughter who doesnt know how to be one to me.

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Hello, My mom, who's 71 just finished her 1st round of chemo last week (6/21 to 623) and she's doing great. They give the patients some anti-nausea medication in their IV before the chemo then anti-nausea meds to take orally for 4 days afterwards. She hasn't got sick at all. She also has lung cancer (small cell - extensive). We've been making sure that she keeps hydrated and is eating well. So far, so good!..

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I was dx in 2003 at age 71 and underwent 35 radiations with concurrent weekly chemo (6) I was pretty sick at times but mostly due to radiation. Your grandmas should do very well. Stay positive and take one day at a time.

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