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Finished Radiation!

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Well, peeps, I made it I finished my last dose of Rads today! I know I still have a long road ahead of me; but at least I made it through the hard part. I feel like if I made it through this alone I can make through anything. Just have one more dose of Cisplatin on wed, the done with chemo. I just pray and hope that this torcher was worth it! Thanks again to all of you great folks. Just wonna give everybody a great big hug! Have good weekend!


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D Lewis
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Congratulations on making it through the radiation. You can do this! And, it will all be worth it.

As Kent says, "Believe!"


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Glenna M
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Charles, you will soon find that it was worth it as the alternative sucks!!! It will take time to adjust to your new "normal" as you experiment with different foods and learn to drink plenty of water. You have been through the worst, now it will be a little easier for you each day.

Never give up!!! BIG hugs and congratulations to you and have a wonderful 4th.


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Charles, it's great you've finished treatment. Now things will slow down and you can recover from the punishment. Good Luck!!

Best, Steve

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Charles, great to see your new photo...you have come far.

Now that you have went through so much (much more than I think you realized you could initially), you should go back and read some of your older postings....be proud of your accomplishments.

You've come far, and are very close to being to that point of walking the walk that all of us have or are still going through. Some are just starting, very soon, you'll be one of the veterans here, giving your advice, experiences and suggestions. making it easier for those just starting the same journey that you have walked.

Congrats Charles....


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Big hug and a cyber back rub! Let that last chemo give one last kick to cancer. And then let your body, mind, and spirit begin to recover.
Smiling for you,

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Hi Charles,

Great news your over the hump with the rads. Take it easy now as you have a while to go before your body recovers from the beating. I hope you bounce back quickly but don't get down if you don't, it can take time and it is pretty normal to want it go get back to normal tomorrow. If you feel like you're not coping at all - get on here and talk to us or talk to your Docs. I went into a bit of a tail spin post treatment and needed help.

I hope you can start to focus on good nutrition now to help your body get what it needs to rebuild your strength and well being.

Stay well.


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Great news. It seems like a short time ago that you were just starting. You did it.

I hope your recovery is all uphill from here.

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Good for you! Now on with the R&R! It seem's like just yesterday when I read your first post!

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Awesome Dude! Now you're on that road to recovery. Good thoughts coming at ya!

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It will be worth it. I had the same question during my third week. After having survived mine and as Glenna said the alternative. Again congrats. Best Wishes & Prayers on your recovery.

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But, you have noticed, I'm sure, how the Bosox syndrome has begun to take over your ability to try and ignore the treatment that you've been through. There is this unbelieveable desire to see Big Poppy and wonderful dreams of looking at the Green Monster. The use of Fenway Therapy at this point in time, will be most helpful. GOOD LUCK !! (and we all are proud of you, man).


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Posts: 333
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Thank you so, so much for the wonderful support! Words can describe how great it feels to have support from people who unfortunately have walked in the same shoes. Now, I just have to get this one last kick in the nuts (cisplatin); and it's nothing but positive thoughts and healing. God Bless us all! =)


Kent Cass
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And yes, Charles, you will find it was worth it.



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Outstanding news. As you mentioned, the next few weeks will be a bit rough to say the least, but then the road to recovery starts. We expect another picture of you posted like you had before, with you on your boat, of course, covered in 70 % Sun Screen.

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I hope and pray that you will continue to do well, All the best to you Charles

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Pam M
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Here's hoping your recovery is quick and boring.

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Charles, well done sir!! I'm extremely happy for you and I know you have to be relieved. I'm going to toast you this even with a beer. Happy 4th of July, I hope you are feeling well enuf to enjoy the day!
God bless you friend,

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Excellent news Charles! Now you must endure moment to moment until you turn the corner, and you will turn the corner. Big hug from me buddy and remember you are never alone.

I ask myself that question daily (was it worth it) and then I see my son's face, or hear my daughter's voice, or watch my partner get dressed, or water my garden, or check out offices for my work, or read the sports page, or play my guitar, or talk to a friend, or read a book on psychotherapy, or stay calm when someone cuts me off on the road, or see a honeybee in my garden, or get a massage.

I am so grateful, in spite of the changes to me physically, for the opportunity to experience all these things. Indeed in some ways this experience has made me notice and appreciate things that before I took for granted like the amazing beauty of the way my son looks at his mother, my daughter's face when she's working out a math problem, figuring out a new piece of music, my partner's beautiful face, and so on.

Without the brutal intervention to rid my body of cancer cells that could kill me and end my ability to experience, I have less of an opportunity to appreciate all these gifts in my life. So for me, yes, a very *emphatic* HELL YES, it was worth it.



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It is amazing how much better you will feel soon. I would of never guessed I would feel so good 23 days after treatment. (35 rad, 3 cisplatin) I know that you are hurting today -
but it will get better.

friend of Bill
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Enormous milestone on the road back to health. A high five to you, Charles.


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Having walked that long road alone, and still do, wanted to say I am so glad that you are done. Keep your head up and I hope that soon you will start turning the corner and will start to feel better very soon. Hugs,


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Job well done Charles and I wish you all the best in your continued recovery.

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