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Liver Transplant survival rate

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Just wondering if there's any one out there who knows what the transplant rate is for liver patients?

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I didn't think that they would do a liver transplant on cancer patients. Please let me know if you know something different. I found a website on liver transplant survivor rates that were 70-80% but the waiting list is unreal. My liver cancer has less than 15% for three years and zero for five years. I am asking my doctor this afternoon. Prayers galore!

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Hey slg72! As u know it will be 3yrs this Sept for me since my liver transplant. I'm doing exceptionally well with my new liver! I recv'd my transplant within 6mos of placement on list. The only good thing about my cancer diagnosis was it allowed me to advance very quickly on the transplant list. The bad thing is that right before celebrating my 2yr anniversary. Post transplant, we found out that my cancer had returned. HCC metastsis to my lungs. Small but still there. That's when Nexavar was brought into my life. Diagnosed July09 and started Nexavar in Oct 09. No changes in the nodules of my lungs but no new growth or new sites! As long as things remain status quo, I happy to be alive. I live each day with a positive attitude and know that my faith will get me thru this!!! So as far as transplant, yes there is hope and some fantastic transplant teams out there. I can't talk highly enough about mine!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it's hard, but as long as u have faith and are willing to take the steps,it's definitely worth it. I have made some good friends thru transplant and I definitely do not regret my decision. Anyone with questions please do not hesitate to ask. I'd be honored. We need to stick together and get each other thru these trials and tribulations!!!!!

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I have been told a liver transplant is my only viable option. ButI need to know about it from someone that has been there. The doctors put a spin on it, I will be better than before, I know that is not true, but what I want to know is what I give up. I know My cancer is differant from yours and my life will be differant from yours, but the basics that I am looking to find should be relatively close. Will you please tell me about the changes, i.e. I love to ride my bike through the woods and see the changes. Mostly in spring and summer I will actually stop and touch or hold the leaves or flowers or even the dirt to really study them. I have three dogs that I wrestle in the grass with and in the evening they sit with me, one on my shoulder with her head wrapped around and under my chin, one in my lap and the other on my feet. If the dogs are not there the cats are. How much will I have to stop?? Will my walking in the store be morelimited? I know I will probably become close enough to the doctors and lab techs to know their first names and the names of their children, that I can deal with. It is the rest that I neeed to know about. Giving up most things is not a big deal, but I have to keep some of what I know and love, especially my animals and dirt.

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Hi BJLaws,my name is Jack & live in Australia.l am in a similar boat to you re:changes.I have been told if the liver takes,my life can go back to where l left off,but as you know it's always better to hear from someone who has been there.l would be curious to hear back from you with any relevant feedback,l will endeavour to do same if l learn more about it.l to have similar outlook on life as you appear to.l have just been put on waiting list,but l am meeting specialists very shortly.Best to you & hope all goes well. Fellow dirt admirer>>> Jack

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