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1st Mammo clear ~ 1 year cancerversary ~ now for a well earned vacation!

Mama G
Posts: 763
Joined: Nov 2009

YIPPEE!!! It's been a year since I sat here at my computer crying my eyes out....for 3 weeks before I finally declared "BATTLE ON!!" For you newbies, YES there is life after breast cancer! and it's not too bad at all! I am looking forward to a month in Costa Rica! I wish I could share my pictures with you guys. If you have a f/b I'll be posting on there. My prayers will be with all of you while on vacation.
God bless,

jnl's picture
Posts: 3873
Joined: May 2009

Congrats Mama G! I am so happy for you! Yes, there is a GREAT life after bc! I know!

Have fun in Costa Rica!

Hugs, Leeza

dyaneb123's picture
Posts: 951
Joined: May 2009

Yay for you Mama G! I enjoy all your FB photos...I think you must live the most fabulous life on the beach!Disfruta tu viaje a Costa Rica!

VickiSam's picture
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Joined: Aug 2009

behind you .. and really looking forward to living my life after chemo, and reconstructive surgery.

Your stories and postings have been inspirational to us all!

Thank you for sharing :D

Enjoy a well deserved vacation.

Vicki Sam

carkris's picture
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Joined: Aug 2009

have a great time Mama G. you are a wonderful photographer look forward to the pics. congrats on your cancerversary. I guess I had mine too just didnt think about it.

New Flower
Posts: 4299
Joined: Aug 2009

Have a wonderful time!!!

2Floridiansisters's picture
Posts: 382
Joined: May 2010

This is Fabulous news, thanks for sharing, it gives all of us others hope!!!!Have fun in Costa Rica, I won't be able to see your pictures because I don't do Fb, my loss. Congratulations

Love Ronda

Kat11's picture
Posts: 1931
Joined: May 2009

Congrats !!!! Have fun on vacation.

Ritzy's picture
Posts: 4382
Joined: Aug 2009

Congrats Mama G! And, enjoy your trip!

Sue :)

DebbyM's picture
Posts: 3293
Joined: Oct 2009

Congrats on clean mammo and cancerversary!

RE's picture
Posts: 4641
Joined: Feb 2004

Oh Lorraine how marvelous, I am so very happy for you! Now it is time to start that fabulous vacation!


susie09's picture
Posts: 2933
Joined: Jul 2009

Congrats Lorraine! So happy for you! Have a fun and relaxing time on your vacation!

Moopy23's picture
Posts: 1753
Joined: Jan 2009

Congratulations, MamaG! I remember your earliest posts. You deserve a great big wonderful vacation. Have fun in Costa Rica, and be proud of yourself. You are a warrior!

Posts: 710
Joined: Mar 2010

I so love to hear good news. Have a fantastic time. Be safe. And no thinking about bc remember this is your vacation.
There is life after bc, but there is life during bc also, just slower not so feel good life.
Take care

Christmas Girl's picture
Christmas Girl
Posts: 3691
Joined: Apr 2009

For a major milestone! Enjoy your extended vacation!

Kind regards, Susan

Jeanne D's picture
Jeanne D
Posts: 1867
Joined: Mar 2009

Congratulations!So very happy for you Lorraine☻Time to celebrate!☻♥Love, Jeanne♥

camsgram's picture
Posts: 106
Joined: May 2010

Have a great trip you deserve it!!

Posts: 431
Joined: Dec 2009

I love to hear good news! Enjoy your time in Costa Rica! Life is beautiful isn't it??


MyTurnNow's picture
Posts: 2690
Joined: Aug 2009

That's wonderful news. Enjoy your trip to Costa Rica and I'll look for your pics on FB. Have a great time, you have definately earned it!!

natly15's picture
Posts: 1941
Joined: Sep 2009

Hey Mama you earned that vacation. Congrats on a clear mammo. Have a wonderful vacation.

chenheart's picture
Posts: 5180
Joined: Apr 2003

If anyone deserves it, it's you! have the most wonderful time in Costa Rica~ and I will look for your pictures on FB! you have got to be Friends with someone I am Friends with...I will find you and ask you to Friend me! LOL

Woot Woot!!!!

Hugs and Congrats!

Alexis F's picture
Alexis F
Posts: 3602
Joined: May 2009


A clean mammo!

Your one year cancerversary!

A trip to Costa Rica!

You have reason to really kick up your heels!

Hugs and Big Congrats to you!


jo jo's picture
jo jo
Posts: 1175
Joined: Jun 2010

Congrates mamaG on your mammo.
I am so jealous of your good news and going to Costa Rica for a whole month...Can i go?

aisling8's picture
Posts: 1628
Joined: Feb 2010

All such good news. I'm so happy for you. Your energy bounces off my computer screen!!!

Enjoy your vacation,


Kylez's picture
Posts: 3765
Joined: May 2009

WTG Mama G! Great news and double Great news at that!

Have a great vacation!


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