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Colonoscopy clear

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I had my first colonoscopy since dx in Jan. 2009 today and the gastro doc said my surgeon did such a great job that he had a hard time finding where it was resected. He found a tiny area where he could tell it had been stitched together.

No polyps and no lesions. This gastro, a wonderful Christian doctor in our town who does free colonoscopies for those without insurance, wants me to have a colonoscopy once a year for at least 3 years because he once had a guy have a clean scope one year and came in with sypmtoms 3 years later and was Stage IV. He said he'd rather be overly protective and save a life.

Feeling great and I actually forget that I even had cancer for days at a time! It's like it was a bad dream. I still have neuropathy in my fingers and feet but both are getting better and have become my 'new norm'.

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Hi Diane,

Your clear colonoscopy is great news! So glad for you. :)


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So glad to read this!!

I have to agree with your doc. :) Better to be safe than sorry. :)

Love and Hugs,


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This is wonderful news, Diane. Kick up those heels + celebrate!

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Congratulations on your fantastic news. Margaret

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So glad to hear that your colonoscopy came back clean! Such a tense moment, waiting for it to be over! I just had my 2nd one and yippee - it was clean also.

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Congratulations on the clean scan. I bet that takes a load off your mind. I know you will be giving thanks tonight and I will also remember to give thanks for your wonderful, wonderful colonoscopy news.

Take care - Tina

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And good Christian doctors are like gold!

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Awesome news. Been thinking and praying for you so that is just wonderful news. Think your doctor is right about once a year. I have to go back in six months to see surgeon, but that is just for follow up. He is a very concerned doctor too and keeps close tabs on me. Still have neuropathy in feet but taking something for it. Still bothers me but yes this is my "new norm" also. Your news made me smile.


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That's awesome, Diane! I'm very happy you got such great results. And it's never a bad thing to keep a good check on things, so I think your doctor is wonderful.


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Paula G.
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Great news!!!

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So very happy to hear this...makes me smile..


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That is wonderful news about your great results with your colonoscopy. I am thrilled for you. You check that off your "to do" list.for a whole year! What a great doctor who will give free colonoscopies for those who need them. Truly a giving person.

Hugs and Healing,

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Congratulations to you I am happy for you.

hugs to you

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great news Diane, need more good news on the board!

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Congratulations to you Diane. You so deserve this. You were one of the first people who wrote to me on this site. It really means a lot. Take care, keep smiling and continue to be a walking testimony for all of us.

Peace and Blessings,

Fight for my love
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