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Need help w/ My dad diagnosed w/ squamus cell...

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Barely two weeks ago my dad was having issues swallowing....first diagnosis was acid reflux...RX for Nexium went home...No better a few days later...could not swallow at all...went back and they sent him to the hospital to have an endoscopy..they tried to open the asophygus (?)some, apparently took a biopsy, next day had him go back and have an MRI/CT/X-Ray... Bottom line....this past Monday he went to the hospital for a 1 hour procedure and he is still there....!! We have been told so far that he has Cancer, it appears to be in his lung...it is in his lymph nodes and is non-operable...
He has been extremely nauseus this past week..can not keep anything down that they have now put a picc line in...they are going to start radiation today to try to shring the tumor they believe is pressing on his esophygus...
My question right now is... does anybody have any info they can give me? We cant even get the PET scan done yet because he is so sick...we dont have a stage or any info other than they cant even start chemo until he is stroner....We are at a loss...

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I am going through similar with my Dad. They diagnosed with SC then with NSC and everyone acts like so big deal. I would ask why your Dad is so sick? Is it the cancer or is something else making him sick. You have the right to know everything that is going on and you only have one Dad and you cant get him back. Does he have small cell or non small cell...makes alot of difference in treatment. Insist on answers. Good luck. Keep me posted.

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I was diagnosed with non-operable small cell lung cancer last November, I am 47. Doctor told me I had a 20% chance of getting rid of it, it had already spread to brochil. I was sick as hell when I first went in. Last week I got the all clear and am now in remission, I'm not sure if I can help you just to say have hope I am a living example of that. When the radiotherapist first saw me in November he told me the area is too big to radiate, so at least your dad is getting that treatment I couldn't. Be positive.

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I had 3b nsclc squamous in 2003 and had radiation & chemo. I am in remission now. Stay positive, take one day at a time and make sure Dad stays hydrated.

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Thank you all for your help and encouragement!!!!
I dont know how much difference this information really makes but....
At this point the total diagnosis is: NSCLC Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Adrenal gland and it is stage 4...

We think we've figured out why he was so sick...the stint that they had in his esophygus...
so, they have now taken that out (hopefully it wont close back up), and they put a feeding tube directly into his stomach..and Tuesday and Wednesday, when we were all there yesterday....WOW...what a difference, he wants a DONUT !!!! (cant have yet).... he keeps getting up and walking up and down the hallway...looking a the nurses...and basically saying (non verbally)....LOOK AT ME IM UP....WALKING....I WANT TO GO HOME NOW...!!!!!
Too Cute....We know there is still a long way to go and we a just starting, but I do like hearing from those of you that have or have had this type of cancer and can give me some insight (good and bad)....Now just waiting to make sure he tolerates the tube feedings, which he has so far, then Im guessing they will send him home and we will just make the daily trip back for the radiation treatments, then chemo.

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