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Hi new to this site. I'm on the breast cancer site, but had a BCC removed from my R neck. The buggar sat right on my cartoid. Surgeon said all marins clear.
This is the second time it was removed. The first one the primary Dr. removed it. So he/ they never consulted me. Jump ahead one year, breast cancer, and he ( surgeon ) removed it again, only this time surgically. Primary did a " scrapping". Think it will be back again? Will it turn to a melanoma? Since it at right on my cartoid, did it's lttle feelers reach down to the blood stream. Know I should have asked surgeon, but was kindof out of it. Thanks Katz

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BCC is very slow growing and almost never invasive. Margins clear...good! Only advice is watch for more popping up and see a dermatologist once a year. I seem to like to grow those pesky little suckers (3 removed so far) and in places that are not particularly subject to sun damage. I never get upset about finding one, I just get it cut off and move on.

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I wasn't horribily freaked, but already have one cancer to deal with, so didn't want to deal with another. Guess I was thinking it was so kind of mutant. lol I'll see a dermatologist for a full body check. My general surgeon took care of this one. Had a colonscopy at the same time. lol That was the deal for me getting a colonscopy. lol Katz

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