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Wellness - something to think about

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Today I enjoyed the company of some very awesome women. We started with yoga at a member's beautiful and nurturing home. We spent time talking and sharing about ourselves and our lives. We hung out in the pool and shared our intentions and made plans to help each other with our separate dreams.

Without this cancer journey I would not know any of these wonderful people.

When I shared my update - recurrence of cancer - I described "my cancer" situation. One person, who was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer and recuperating herself from a hysterectomy, shared that from the beginning of her diagnosis she refused to "own" the cancer by referring it to as "my" cancer. Instead, she calls it "the" cancer.

I think this is a very important point. When we own the dis-ease we give it power. By focusing on what's wrong with us, we validate and give it power - and this may contribute to our continuing to be sick. In "The Secret" we are told to refer to what we want, not what we don't want. If we are against war then, instead of marching in anti-war rallies, etc, we should promote PEACE!!! If we are against illness and disease, we need to promote WELLNESS.

I just read Claudia's thread and her story talks of her strategy - to build a strong body that would promote her wellness by creating an inhabitable place for cancer to thrive. Like mulching a garden well to keep the weeds down. It, obviously, is working very well for Claudia and others here.

So I am now becoming conscious of my language and my thinking as well as my behavior. I am no longer owning this cancer by referring to it as "my cancer". I am using "wellness" imagery in my meditation instead of my previous warrior princess and killing theme. I am more proactive instead of reactive and I think that this is serving me well on this journey. I look forward to a celebration of life party in the near future with my growing circle of friends.

Please join me in imagining and being well and joyful each day. Party on, ladies!!! Continuing blessings, Mary Ann

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Thank you. I love to read about how we can renew our spirit by avoiding the stinkin thinkin and wrap ourselves in positive thoughts. On a program I was watching recently a young man who has shared many of our trials working through cancer treatment stated "I use to think of cancer everyday and it was a burden, now I think of it everyday as my motivation. Motivation to be thankful for each day and live life to the fullest." The acupuncturist I go to (whose husband is my ob/gyn/onc) made another comment that I use as a reminder to live each day to the fullest...."if one of my children received a cancer diagnosis I know one thing..I would help them have the most beautiful walk, whether it be one day, one month, one year or many years." What a great opportunity we have to truly understand how precious each moment of each day is and live life accordingly. Gods peace....Pam

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I am so glad you enjoyed the day. Wellness is what we need to focus on. I like your friend's idea of "the cancer". You have done so many positive things to ofcus on wellness. May you contine to be Blessed with wellness. I always enjoy you positive attitude. In peace and caring.

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I love your wellness tips. I am going to join a health club that is low gear and they have a cancer program too. How did you hook up with this group? Did you develop it or is it part of ACS or a hospital program? It sounds interesting. I like the Anti Cancer Living Book and focusing on what we can do. I always laugh when I think of Randy Pausch saying, "I'm going to be the healthiest cancer patient there is!" He had pancreatic cancer.

You always have great insights!


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I actually met these women via "the cancer" - I started to write "my" - oops!!!

Francesca worked at the cancer center I went to and provided meditation and yoga there. I took advantage of this and often was the only person there - what a shame I thought, but selfishly I was grateful to have these special intimate times with Francesca. She is a gifted blessed and healing person for me.

She offered a one day workshop last year that I took advantage of - and, lo and behold, I met many more wonderful women. So the circle continues to grow as I accept the invitations that have come my way.

We really never know what treasures there are for us to find. I just continue to be open to these opportunities...

Love to you and all, Mary Ann

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I've read and watched "The Secret" and have learned much of how I think from this concept. Yes we should focus on wellness vs. the cancer and treatments, etc. Think outside the box of getting healthy, visualize living a long life and in the end just visualizing cancer as a minor bump in the road. Our minds control our bodies and if we allow it, we can concur this cancer.

Each day when I arise I think positive thoughts of how successful I'll be today and take care of my body thru food, nutrients and meditation. I believe this has helped me endure the "stinkin' thinking" we've heard, which is basically negative thoughts.

Surrounding yourself with this wonderful group of women is a gift to be cherished. We all need hand-holding in life and where else but with others who view life and have similar issues that we've got today.

I am part of a non-for-profit here called "The Wellness Center". From day one of my diagnosis last February, I've become part of a group for support, taken yoga classes, learned how to eat better, basically just learned how to live a better life with a cancer diagnosis. Without this support the journey would have been more difficult.

Mary Ann, I join you in imagining and being well and joyful each day...


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I like this post Mary Ann. I never did think of the cancer as a part of me. My essence is untouched by this intruder. I am healthy in mind, body and spirit. The cancer is like any other unpleasant thing needs attention to get rid of it, but does not take over my life.

Eating well, getting excercise, calming my mind with healthy, positive thoughts are the things that I believe are making my life enjoyable. I think the most positive thing about this experience is my renewed search spiritually for wholeness.

Wishing we all find peace and have joy along the journey.

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mary ann,

that's so great that you have found a circle of like -minded women who are becoming your friends; as far as i'm concerned, friends are what it's all about--even spouses and lovers can come and go (not ours, of course), but friends stay forever.

maryann, i've been thinking alot about your post, and while i love the wellness emphasis, and being as proactive as possible, i' m not certain how i feel about not owning cancer. i don't think i've ever said "my cancer", but have said i have cancer, or having cancer, kinda in between "my cancer" and "the cancer". the thing is cancer is in my body, so it's hard to disown it altogether. i've used a white healing energy meditation with the hope of making the cancer cells disappear, but have never taken a killer approach myself. i feel sad for my body that it (i) have to go through all this, but i don't feel my body has betrayed me, or that i'm angry at my body. angry at circumstances, but not my body that is trying valiantly, i believe, to keep me alive.

i honestly don't believe when we focus on what's wrong, that we may be contributing to our continuing to be sick. i just know too many women personally and professionally (i've been a volunteer therapist for the women's cancer resource center's free therapy program for low income women with cancer for countless years), and have seen many women with positive attitudes die, and probably just as many with ''negative" attitudes survive. what i have noted, however, is whether positive or negative feelings, expressing them seems to make a difference. certainly studies show women in groups who talk about their feelings together do live longer than those who do not. so, maybe that's the difference???i just don't know. certainly feeling positive and hopeful helps us be more confident and proactive, and ask for what we want, so i can see that's a difference too.

in any case, i actually believe in fighting on both fronts: protesting war, and working for peace; treating cancer, and promoting wellness.

i'm certainly happy to join in on imagining and being well and joyful each day, though i don't think i can manage the joyful part every day. but, i'm trying.

best to you, as always,

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I so enjoyed reading these posts. Mary Ann, you always have great advice and positive thoughts to share with all of us. Just reading this thread has made me feel lighter on my journey. I also try to word my thoughts in a diffrent way. Have been listening to Louise Hay on my way to work and have actually stopped throwing angry remarks at drivers during my commute. Not a small feat to overcome!

Wishing all of you, especially Mary Ann, peace, health and happiness.

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