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Migraines after Radiation

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I had radiation to my left hip in 2007 and also I do have Fibromyalgia. I tried explaining to both my radiation onc and my medical onc that I had concerns regarding sensitivity to radiation with my FM. Both said it's too far from my head to cause migraines I was having daily. They were horrible. I was in incredible pain and living on pain meds and walking around with one pupil larger than the other for months after.

Finally my med onc sent me to a neurologist after having an MRI on my brain. I had a couple of spots that they thought could have been MS. I had seen the guy before but they no longer had the scan...just reports that said I'd also had those spots 7 years before that and also had been ruling out MS at that point. Good news? NO MS.

The neuro had me stop aborting the headaches too often. I couldn't take anything more than 2 times a week so I had to be in pretty bad shape to take something. I was told to reduce the caffeine, stop reading in bed (I can't do that..read every night), use relaxation techniques and we tried some migraine prevention drugs that I did not like the side effects and stopped taking. Gradually the headaches got better and within a few months pretty much went away. Nobody will ever convince me that radiation was not the cause of the months of headaches I had. I think it took almost 7 mo. to get back to headache free days.

Watch for trigger foods that initiate headaches, do a food diary for awhile. You'll be surprised how much food impacts our bodies.

Just wondering if anyone else had the same types of issues?

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I am on my 10th session of radiation. At first it was a cake walk but now I feel weak and being prone to headaches. Not sure maybe be its working 10 days straight. Only sleeping 5 hrs a night. My job relies on me too much. Worked the 4th and today. Maybe I get lucky and not work this weekend. I see the doc tomorrow and will ask him about the headaches.Every thing taste funny and goes straight through me. I weigh 124lbs and have not lost any weight yet.
I will try to do more research on your issue.

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I know this post is an older one, but my daughter has been experiencing a headache for the past week. She finished radiation on August 19 for Hodgkin's in her chest and neck area. She is getting a scan on Thursday, the first one since finishing treatment. She has a prescrition for some pain meds to help with the headache. The pain is in her forehead,eye, temple area. The doctor in emerg didn't seem to be concerned as to the Hodgkin's being related to the headache. She will be seeing her doctor this week. I asked the nurse if the headache could be a side effect of the radiationa and she wasn't sure. Is there anyone out there who can answer this question for me. We will be asking the doctor when we see him.

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I wish I knew the answer to that question. I know it is hard to see your daughter in pain. I hope that you have answers soon and they are positive results soon. God bless you and your daughter during this difficult time. Joanie

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