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ED improving!

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Dear all,

Yesterday the 100th day after my surgery and I am glad to report I have had my first useable erection with 10 mg of Cialis and of course, I made the best use if it. Two days ago, I went to see the urologist who injected me with Trimix. As I said in another post, I had mild pain during the two hours that the erection lasted probably because the penile muscle was stretched beyond certain level. Well, I may not need the injections after all. Just a little of patience and I will get back to normal business.

Thank you all for sharing your experience


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Congrats and glad you got to use it also!

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It's bad enough to get this cancer than to also be made to feel "less than a man" by becoming impotent prematurely after receiving the "cure" -- whichever one you chose.

Yes, being cured and surviving the cancer w/o having a "woody" is better than dying BUT -- IMHO -- it's far better for our self-image and self-confidence as men to be able to be able to continue to get it up for as long as possible -- at least as long as you would have naturally been able to get it up -- following the "cure," because there are already far too many things to make us feel inadequate as we age.

Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks Larry and Swingshiftworker,

Yes,it good for ourself-image and self-confidence to be able to function sexually. It become more of a problem when we have already taken care of the cancer which is the priority and have to deal with other aspects in life.



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