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Muscle wasting?

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I was just diagnosed with stage 1 nhl, only had it in one node, had it removed and will start radiation next week. My ques. is, has anyone noticed muscle loss for some years prior to diagnosis? I was having muscle loss for the past 4 years and had every test and went to 3 specialists thinking I had a muscular dystrophy or ALS. It started with muscle twitching and then that settled down and I was just having muscle loss for some years. I was told by one Dr. that I just had chronic myopathy. It has not dissabled me in any way, just a little shrunken looking,some pain and some weakness. Now I am wondering if it has anything to do with the NHL. Could I have been having these weird symptoms long before the lump appeared? Just curious if anyone else had some muscle wasting.

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I had b_cell lymphoma 10 yrs ago .Only treatment that I had was 6 infusions of retuxin. Thank God it worked ! Since that time I have become weak especially when walking .After seeing many diffrent Drs. ,it was seen that I have servere wasting of the muscles in my back . Has a anyone experienced muscle weakness after refusing ?

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