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One Year & Counting

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I am just celebrating one year since my last treatment for stage 4 tonsil cancer. I am at a loss for words to say how much better I feel today. Even better today than a few weeks ago. I wanted to post this to give those out there some words of encouragement. A year ago I put on a good face for everyone but I really thought I was not going to make it. Thanks to my wife, friends, family and of course God above I made it this far. Everyone hang in there and keep your spirits up.

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That is so great to hear; I'm so happy for you and like a good red wine. I hope it keeps getting better with every passing year!!! !!!!


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Tim, that is awesome to hear!! Thank you for posting to give others the encouragement and support it takes to get thru this. I am 8 mo post voice box cancer. I feel ok but could feel better. I don't have far to go before I will be a yr post so that is something for me to look forward to. Thanks again and I'm truly happy about your great news.
God Bless you,

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It is great to hear you are a year passed treatment and doing well.

God bless and be with you

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Congratulation's Tim! You made me feel alot better this morning! Yesterday was a rough day!

Lena Rose
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Tim, thanks for posting. My husband just finished treatment 2 weeks ago and is so anxious to start feeling better. Thanks for the encouraging words-it makes me very hopeful. All the best to you.

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Glenna M
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This is really great news Tim!!! This week makes exactly one year ago that I had my first chemo and rad treatment for lung and laryngeal cancers. I am now in remission and doing great and waiting for my first anniversary of completing treatment. This won't be until September 28th so I am not going to wish time away - I want to enjoy every day that God and the doctors have given me ;-)

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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Glad for you, i just started the turn around, I hope it gets better, Good Luck. To All Dennis

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That is fantastic to hear for you and for those of us still in treatment (My partner, stage IV tonsil). His surgeon told him at 1 year he would be back to baseline. It is so great to hear this is your experienence. Congratulations!!!!

Dennis, it is great to hear you feel you are turning the corner. Is it the hyperbaric???

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Great News Tim, I also just past the one year post treatment mark (June 19th)....

My ENT feels that this is a very important milestone.

Charles, like the new photo, shows you are progressing and have your mind in the right direction....stay positive and keep on pressing bro.


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