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Has anybody heard about this treatment?

The Issels Treatment is a very comprehensive program that places equal importance on the elimination of the tumors and the underlying causes for the suppression of the body's immune, regulatory and repair mechanisms. This has been the principle of the Issels Treatment for decades and one reason for its remarkable long-term remissions of advanced cancers. Recent cases can be viewed under www.issels.com/videos.aspx.

Also my husband needs a recliner bed and a mobile toilet because he is so weak that he can't use the stairs. Insurance cover this???

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I read the web site Issels Treatment in California and while the therapies are legitimate and used at many top med center, I am hesitant to adobt all their claims regarding their results and the financial model they use and would stay away from.

I also list examples below from their web site that I question and have reservations about

What are the results?
The Issels Treatment has a long track record of complete long-term remission of otherwise incurable tumors. On the Statistics page we have statistical data for the treatment, under Cases are examples of long-term remissions, and on the Testimonials page are examples of recent cases. These cases do not represent all types of cancer successfully treated. They are examples of how many decades patients have remained cancer free after the Issels Treatment and demonstrate the regenerative power of the body even in advanced stages of the disease.

Is treatment covered by insurance?
Some insurance companies have reimbursed patients for all or part of the treatment costs. At the end of the treatment program patients receive an itemized statement, which they submit to their healthcare provider. The patient must inquire with his/her insurance company directly regarding policy coverage and procedure for reimbursement. We can recommend a company that assists patients in their negotiations with their healthcare provider.

What is the method of payment?
Payment is due upon admission in the form of a cashier’s check or wire transfer. Refunds are granted for services that are not delivered.

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I would not go to any place or take any treatment that required me to pull out all my teeth with fillings in them!

Here's a little something about the treatment at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issels_treatment

I'm sorry, I just don't think you should be going this way, it is of course up to you. But I can see you are quoting from their website, which means you aren't getting the real story. Please, nubis, check them out at Quackwatch before you go spending $65,000 on a therapy that is unproven and unscientific. I don't think any insurance would cover it, either.


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I have to agree with stayingcalm on this, we are wantning to find the magic pill so bad that sometimes we jump only to findout there is no net.
Now I realize that your concern is with your husbands health and wanting him to be cured, This has been my wifes journey, trying to find a cure for my problems. But she has come to understand that not everything can be cured,controlled some yes, but not cured.
A friend of ours did some research on alterative treatments and they found this drink that has testimonies that just by drinking it on a regular basis they were cured of their cancer. Well just before we sent off for a case of this natural cure we saw that there were medical advisors out that it had been responsible for many deaths. We later found out that there were no meidcal studies done on this natural cure, that the majority of the claims made were made up, and that the FDA was ordering the company to stop making claims that it could not back up, and to further remove the item until it had been proven safe.
We have search high and low for the magic cure, there are some that will help along with the more traditional treatments. But there are no out right cures out there.
Many places say they have great programs, and some do, but they all operate under the same treatment prinicpiles as everyone else. Some may include alternative treatments, but no one can offer a cure, because there isnt one. I dont mean to sound mean, but I just want you and your husband to understand your not alone looking for the cure, but so far there isnt one. Some will possible extend ones life some, but not cure.
There are those who have been lucky to show no further signs of the disease, but they are not cured, it can flare up anytime it wants, Breast cancer has the best odds of surviving for long periods of time( i believe it is 95%) but lung cancer rates are a lot less. Thats not to say your husband cant survive for a long period of time, no one knows, I have been fighting since 2008 the lung cancer, I have other health issues to battle also.
My wife and I are looking for quailty of life not so much quanity, and we have been blessed to have beaten every prognosis I have been given. Sometimes you have to look inside and really search for what you truly want quailty of life or quanity. My wife use to be afraid that she was going to loose me any minute, now she realizes that no one knows forsure how long any of us have, so we need to live. I had to stop chemo because of complications, but thats okay, it help, and I am enjoying life more now.
Dont let the snakeoil salesmen take you, worse yet let them take your money and leave you empty handed. Dont put Your Husband through misery in search of a magic cure that isnt out there yet,You both need to do some soul searching and see if your wanting to subject your time and money in a search that many before have been on and found that they were now broke and had lost time they could have used to cherish with wach other.....

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your Husband, You, Your Family and Everyone,
Dna (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

P.s. dont stop living in search of a way to live.

some insurances do cover hospital beds if there is a doctors script for it as some to cover the cost of a three in one comode if there is a doctors script, you just have to check with your insurance company.

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