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1 year ago today...........

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One year ago today was my last chemo treatment. I just popped a bottle of champagne and I raise my glass and toast to all of you fellow survivors, people still going through treatments, caregivers, and friends/family of loved ones with cancer. I feel very lucky to have had 4 of my 3 month checkups come back still NED. I am truly blessed and I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.

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What a happy event to be celebrating! a year is good!

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What a fabulous thing to celebrate! Cheers to you!


Fight for my love
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I am happy for you.Wish you the best.

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Way to go Christine; I am very happy for you! BTW, my husband + I celebrate each piece of good news (ie good scan) by opening a small bottle of champagne.

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4 clean check ups, now that is really good news. Go out and celebrate life, do something special for yourself if you can. Get rid of anything toxic in your life be it people, job, where you live, whatever, go forth and make yourself as happy as you can you worked so hard and you deserve it.

Take care - Tina

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Tell your body to keep up the great work! Congratulations.


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I'm sure it wasn't just luck -- you must have been especially virtuous this last year. Congratulations.


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