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9mm Nodule Found.. Dr. Wants to wait 4-6 months???

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I'm 28, male, will be 29 on July 5th. I just got my results this morning from blood work and CT scan. Ct Scan shows a 9mm nodule in my right lung. Dr. says he wants me to wait 4-6 months to see if it grows any before attempting a biopsy, he stated the biopsy is too risky.

My Mono# was 0.7 and Mono% was 9.8. My lymp% was 20.0

The scary part is my CRPHS is a 21.8 (stating that 0.0 to 4.9 normal range but anything over a 3.0 is high risk)

I have been short of breath, coughing a lot, and always seem to be getting upper respitory infections. In fact 3 months ago I just got over pneumonia. that's how they found the mass in my lung via xray. He wanted to wait til the pnuemonia was good and gone.

Everything I have read states anything over a 8mm should be set for a biopsy. Is this right? I'm really confused and really don't know what to do. The Dr. was really vague and didn't seem to want to say anything but refer me to a cardiologist due to the CRPHS levels being so high.

How long did you have to wait after your first CT scan? How many CT scans did you have to have? Should I get a second opinion or wait to see what the cardiologist says? I'm not sure what to do.. but I'm tired of the "waiting game."

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And I lost 23lbs in less than 3 months, not changing any eating habits or exercise habits...

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GET A 2ND OPINION and send all your records, scans, labs, reports from your current DR to both Medical oncologist and Pulmonary DR (physician who possesses specialized knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of lungs) as you make appts with both. Also see Cardiologist for your high CRPHS as it indicates substantial inflammation.

Its important your team of Doctors works together too.

A 9mm nodule is just under 1 cm (centimeter) or just under 1/2 inch.

I dont like the sound of your Dr being vague and not talk to you in more detail and i dont think waiting 4 to 6 months is wise. You mentioned many symptoms such as short of breath, coughing a lot, and upper respitory infections and still DR wants to wait. your Dr states its too risky for biopsy but did he ever think it may be too risky in waiting up to 6 mo?

Its very important to know what that 9mm nodule is and at least have it ruled out as a malignant tumor/mass. I would ask for a needle biopsy or needle aspiration of the nodule in lung.

What is Needle Biopsy of Lung (Chest) Nodules?
A lung nodule is relatively round lesion, or area of abnormal tissue located within the lung. Lung nodules are most often detected on a chest x-ray and do not typically cause pain or other symptoms.

What are some common uses of the procedure?
Although more than half of single (called solitary) nodules within the chest are determined to be benign, these lesions are considered potentially malignant until proven otherwise, usually through a needle biopsy.

When a nodule is detected, imaging tests may be performed to help determine if it is benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). If imaging studies cannot clearly define the abnormality, a biopsy may be necessary.

When a physician orders a needle biopsy, the nodule is usually believed to be unreachable by other diagnostic techniques, such as bronchoscopy.

What are the benefits vs. risks? Benefits?

•Needle biopsy is a reliable method of obtaining tissue samples that can help diagnose whether a nodule is benign (non-cancerous) or malignant.

•A needle biopsy is less invasive than open and closed surgical biopsies, both of which involve a larger incision in the skin and local or general anesthesia.

•Generally, the procedure is not painful and the results are as accurate as when a tissue sample is removed surgically.

•Recovery time is brief and patients can soon resume their usual activities.

•Any procedure where the skin is penetrated carries a risk of infection. The chance of infection requiring antibiotic treatment appears to be less than one in 1,000.


•Coughing up blood (hemoptysis).

•An air leak from the punctured lung into the chest cavity that causes the lung to collapse (pneumothorax). If a collapsed lung should occur and is large enough to be considered harmful, a small tube may be inserted into the chest cavity to drain away the air. This tube is generally removed the next day.

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I was told that anything under 1cm is very difficult to biopsy. Having said that. I would also consult a lung cancer specialist. Or a large hospital that may have a lung nodule clinic.The nodule I had was 1.2cm they had a very difficult time doing the biopsy. The dr did not really want to do it. I pushed to have it done, because the hospital and surgeon I had already spoke to would not even give me an appointment until I was dx with cancer. It is also possible to have a PET scan. Cancer lights up with this test. You are very young to have to go through all of this.

Stay strong and God Bless.


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yes u should get a second opion i have lung cancer in both lung,at frist i thought i had brostit are penomia .so i went to a little clinic and the cheched me i couldnt hardly catch my breath but they said i had old time plurse.around my ribs and in the middle of my chest.my dr.was out of town he came back that monday and he order a chest x ray it cam back show i had four masses in right and left two on each side.so he set me up with a plumomary lung specpist the next day.they did a ct scan the next day and a bisopy the follow wek .and than sent every thing to the zimmer cancer clinic.my dr was dr fink he got the path ogist report back we though we had a plan because he thought it was melomia but when he read mine it said basal cell carcinoma from the skin.rare cancer only 300 case in the worls since 1895 .thes know cure for mine but i encourage evere one that goes into the sun are sun tannning both put sun screan on i for realand u do need to go get that chech the larger one i had started at 2.3cmm next was 3.1cmm the other was 4.3 cmm and the next was 2.1cmm.youre is 9mm she i would say go and get another opion with a lung doctor they will find out what it is.heep the faith in god and pray every day and ask hin to guide u through this but i wouldnt miss around it proably nothing but get it check with a lung speclist.and i will be praying for you .all the way just trust in god he is are creator he has are life plan from the time we are born.we go by grace not by sight .god bless ua nd and youre family .shirleyare cool49

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My doctor has found many masses in my ct scan but is reluctant to do a broncoscopy. I had one set up for monday afternoon but just got a phone call telling me they may want to resch the biopsy due to the risk. I think its more of a risk to wait and see so they are discussing it and calling me back to let me know if its still for monday or not. The problem is i have seen many doctors in my area and all seem to play the waiting game.

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I have had these two CT scans done a month apart...On 8/30/17 the nodule was 8mm then on 10/25/17 the nodule is now 9mm..I am also was a smoker for 40 years, have Asbestosis and Asthma. My problem in the last 15 years I had 7 heart attacts, 2 open hearts and 12 stents...the doctor I have now doesn't want to do a biopsy now..so what do I do ? I've have problems catching my breath sometimes. I had a breathing test done in December and the doctor said it was OK.

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Nodules that small are very difficult to biopsy. It also depends on the location of the nodule as to the type of biopsy. I would get a second opinion, for sure, and, if possible, from a cancer center. It is a little concerning that the nodule grew that fast, but it didn't grow a lot. Sometimes, it is just due to the cut of the CT machine. Try not to worry. And keep up with your cardiologist. Best wishes.

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