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Jan is NED~

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Lets keep the good vibes going....I'm on the dancing game officially today, as just got home from doc...yeah! CT is clear and CA-125 is 4, same as when completed treatments last July.

We spoke about my next visit being 4 vs. 3 mos, and we'll look at option of not doing CAT-scans unless my CA-125 is moving in wrong direction. Most insurance companies won't cover PET/MRI with uterine, unless have issues after first time with CAT-scan. Knowing Mary Ann has had much success getting her PET initially covered by insurance, I'll have to take her notes and try if I get into that situation.

Off to the races....

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Jan, what super news. All your hard work at being well is paying off. Stay the course.

Wishing you continuing blessings, Mary Ann

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Jan...love the good news!! All of the things you are doing to stay well have certainly paid off! Keep it up!

Know how happy you must be....and all of us are too!! Keep DANCING!!!!


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Cecile Louise
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Another sister dancing with NED. That is awesome news! Keep on dancing, Jan!


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Congs dear. i am so happy for you. I wish, you will dance like this next 30 yrs. Could you tell me ur stage and grade.

Thanks Kumar

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Way to go, Jan! Celebrating right with you and Diane!


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Soooo happy for your news!!!

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Great news Jan.....

Thanks for sharing!


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Great news Jan -- Keep on keeping on with what you've been doing! Annie

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Happy, happy for you in NED. enjoy every minute of it! Be good to yourself!

Dian e

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Remission is as good as it gets, so enjoy every minute of it! Forget cancer exists if you can. Allow yourself to feel the full impact of JOY and hang onto it even when your face muscles get tired from SMILING all the time!! I am so happy for you!

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wonderful news, jan, enjoy yourself, and allow yourself to be as happy as you can. it's the best news in the world, and makes everyone here happy with you.


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Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!

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You ladies are the best support in the world! Such great outpouring of congratulations that I'm in awe. I knew when I jumped onto this site I'd enjoy it, but with all the hand-holding and support it just can't be expressed in words.

I know we're all here to help each other and know it's very comforting. When we receive a cancer diagnosis it can be devistating to our whole being, but when we have others for support, the journey is more bearable.

Thanks again you all are such great sisters!!

((((( hugs )))))

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Thanks for motivatine me.

Just Dance Dance..............................

Thanks Kumar

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Posts: 1385
Joined: Mar 2010

Checkout my user profile. You should fill your specifics in too, as helps us all know what your background is with cancer.

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Enjoy the dance and may you be dancing for a very long time. That is such wonderful news. In peace and caring.

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