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Protein Powders--Consumer Reports Magazine Article July 2010

hopeful girl 1
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I have been using two scoops a day of a Whey protein powder to help after chemo to rebuild.

Per an article in Comsumer Reports Jul 2010, which my mom picked up for me, heavy metals have been found in many of the big name protein powders including arsenic, cadmiun, mercury and lead. The article notes that cadmium is a highly toxic metal. The article also mentions low risk for cancer from these chemicals.

I am considering stopping the protein drinks. The article lists eggs, milk and chicken as good safer choices for protein.



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Don't give up yet, you just need to find the proper product line with "organic" and missing all the wrong ingredients. I did see this article today and was surprised, but when looking at the ingredients on my Whey Protein, I'm fine.

Our bodies assimilate Whey protein very well, so don't just replace with the chicken. You've got it right it helps our bodies rebuild, especially during chemo treatments. It kept me going during my treatments so know it's successful.

Someone else posted last week on soy and protein. She mentioned a website www.iherb.com, look for product called Whey to Health. I just checked it out and is all natural, no sugars, and organic to top it off. Not cheap -- 10 oz at $22...ouch! I've been purchasing my protein at Sam's Club -- EAS 5 lbs. $25 -- probably not organic and conferred with my nutritionist the amount of soy is minute, but does have some artificial ingredients.

Let me know what you find as I'd like to find one which is a bit more on organic side.

Happy shopping...

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

My whey protein says 100% Whey protein altho' it lists soy lechithin in the ingredients as well, and of course it does not list any of those ingredients of lead, aresenic, cadmium-and that was what the article noted-the companies do not have to reveal these findings.

I hate to just stop drinking it tho' as I feel it does help rebuild-each scoop ahas 23 g of protein, but I would imagine that they all have this stuff in them.
Even perhaps the organic. We will have to do some research.

If anyone comes across anything good please share. I also drink Ensure, but don't know if they could have the same issue or not.

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