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Sudden death

Cindy Bear
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Hi everyone. This isn't really about cancer per se but my FIL passed away suddenly yesterday. He was 87 . It was a complete shock. He was not unwell and he never had cancer. Oh sure he had the usual aches and pains and he did have a heart arythmia. They think he had a massive heart attack in the garage after mowing. Please don't ask what an 87 yr old man was doing mowing... you couldn't tell him anything. Very stubborn. Anyhow, it's devastating to my husband and the rest of the family. This on top of the fact that my mom passed away a year ago last Sat., and my BIL is terminally ill with esoph. cancer. It's been a year from hell. I am really just feeling sorry for myself and needing some happy thought right now. Thanks for listening.

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Cindy Bear,

Sending you and your family huge, heaping, amounts of love, tenderness, and sympathy for the loss of your father-in-law. I know it must be a terrible shock and all of you are trying to deal with so many other things at the moment also.

Take it slow, take many deep breaths, give yourselves plenty of time to adjust, and bond together for comfort.

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I know how you feel at least about the esopheal cancer. Its a terrible and painful thing to go through. My best friend and husband for 24 years lost his battle from this on Jan 12 of this year. We had chemo radation and then the esophigicimy. I know it sucks to go through the loss of several people. I will keep you in my prayers. Haley

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I feel for you because my brother died of a massive heart attack at 51. He's been feeling tired and had trouble breathing, but the dr. kept saying the tests were coming back fine. I heard him fall and rushed in, but it was too late.

Hang on thru it all. Sudden deaths are a terrible shock. I know it won't be a comfort now, but as time goes on, you'll be able to remember him when he was healthy and happy and active and that may be a blessing.

Ruth Elizabeth

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Cindybear, I am so sorry for your loss.

Cindy Bear
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Thanks everyone. Your kind thoughts and words are so incredibly comforting. I think this site is the best place on the web. A sort of oasis, for comfort, advice, knowledge, experience and just people genuinely caring about other people. I always said sudden was the way to go, but it does take a toll on the family. Well this too shall pass I guess. He died doing what he loved doing, mowing the lawn. I guess you could say he died with his boots on. He was a good man and we'll miss him terribly.
I always thought he was 10 ft tall and bulletproof.

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Sorry to hear about your fil passing. I know your heart is hurting, but I also know you have alot of good memories of him. Take care.

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