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Help!!!!My husband has Cancer at 27

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I can't believe it. It feels like a bad dream. I wake up each morning hoping I imagined the whole thing. Some days I am sad and others I am just angry. We have a 9 month old son Aiden, we were just planning to sell our home and now we are discussing chemo and lobectomy's. I want him to be fine I need him to be fine. He had a cough for 5 months and we blew it off. He has never smoke hes perfectly healthy. He saw a doc 2 months ago who prescibed mucinex and nasonex and said it allergy. Then after going back 2 weeks ago a cxray confirmed a mass. then we had a ct and labs and a bronch which the tissue came back. NSCLC bronchiaveolar adenocarcinoma. We had an MRI which was negative and a PET scan confirmed the mass on the left with a small a mount of activity in the Right but its not nearly as high and they are saying it could be infection or inflammation. We are hoping so. The SUV on left is 9.6 and on the right its 3.2 I hope that means its just infection. The rest of the body is clear. I hope we caught it soon enough. The cxray measured the left mass at 7.2cm. I hope its not that big and that it still can be removed. Anyone have experience with this? We are meeting with the Oncologist at University of Penn on Thursday I feel like its a lifetime away. Trying to keep faith.

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The same story happened to my husband. He was coughing and losing weight and Dr. though it was a virus. 6 months later SCLC. He was diagnosed on 2007. Still fighting!!!!. I couldn't have kids. No time for anything. I wish you the best in this fight. Nubis

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