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Local Farmers - Organic

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Since I'm getting more and more into organic fruits & vegies, I was wondering about purchasing from the local Farmer's Market and/or road-side stands. Do any of you shop in these venues, and if so have any pointers?.

Should we "assume" (hate to use that word) they are okay with very little or no pesticides? Trying to get a feel for other options to purchase that might not be the real expensive products finding in Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

Also, few gals in my local Wellness Center therapy group mentioned getting into purchasing group for grass fed meats. Every looked into these options? Only issue I see with this is have to purchase some bigger quantities and need extra freezer/refrig storage space.

Thanks Ladies...

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It's not too late to plant an organic veggie patch for yourself if you buy plants instead of starting from seed. I was featured twice in 'Organic Gardening' Magazine, and have DECADES of experience with organic gardening if you decide you want to do this and want some pointers.

Check out this link, my Organic Gardening Claim to Fame is that "OG Magazine" has had my article on their website for over 10 years!:


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Very informative. You have so many talents. I admire you so much. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a good day.

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Thanks for sharing the article. It is very informative.

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Oh my I have no green thumb, but you know I can purchase plants and start that way first. I'm in St Louis and our weather is so, so hot, that everything is just drying up now. Great thought to try and in fact, I'll look up the magazine you mentioned and start reading.

Good motto----if you can't trust them (products purchased in grocery stores), grow 'em!!!

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Can google CSA( Community supported agriculture) and can find local farmers that participate and many are certified organic and shared for a fee picked up weekly at various locations. some have fresh produce, fruits and or eggs, etc. I think less money and fresher. some have full and or half orders.

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