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Comedo Type Breast Cancer

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Just dx'd w/comedo type w/central calcification less than 5% volume of tumor.

I've not met or chosen a surgeon/onconologist yet. Tomorrow I am taking biopsy slides & all reports, including mammo films to University of Chgo for treatment scheduling.

Anyone dx'd with Comedo Type Breast Cancer?

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This is one I am not familiar with.....Sorry you found this site, but it is a wealth of information.......please post back and keep us updated.....
Wishing you well.......

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But I found the following information on this website:


"The term, ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), refers to a family of cancers that occur in the breast ducts. There are two categories of DCIS: non-comedo and comedo. The term, comedo, describes the appearance of the cancer. When comedo type breast tumors are cut, the dead cells inside of them (necrosis) can be expressed out just like a comedo or blackhead on the skin.

The most common non-comedo types of DCIS are:

Solid DCIS: cancer cells completely fill the affected breast ducts.
Cribiform DCIS: cancer cells do not completely fill the affected breast ducts; there are gaps between the cells.
Papillary and micropapillary DCIS: the cancer cells arrange themselves in a fern-like pattern within the affected breast ducts; micropapillary DCIS cells are smaller than papillary DCIS cells.
Comedo type DCIS (also referred to as Comedocarcinoma) tends to be more aggressive than the non-comedo types of DCIS. Pathologists are able to easily distinguish between comedo type DCIS and other non-comedo types when examining the cells under a microscope because comedo type DCIS tends to plug the center of the breast ducts with necrosis (dead cells). When necrosis is associated with cancer, it often means that the cancer is able to grow quickly. Necrosis is often seen with microcalcifications (tiny calcium deposits that can indicate cancer)."

There was also a similar explanation on the National Cancer Institute website (nci.gov), but the one I copied above was in more laymen's terminology. From reading this, it looks like you have a form of DCIS which is more likely than some others to spread and become invasive. The good news is that it was found very early and so far has NOT spread.

Of course, your doctor should be able to explain this to you as well as answer your questions about treatment options, etc.

The not-knowing and waiting for answers is truly the hardest part of all this. Just keep asking questions, and you will get your treatment plan in place and eventually have it behind you.

Take care,

New Flower
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Thank for the info. I am impressed and very thankful to you. Flow of fresh energy is very critical to this community.

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My oncologist never mentioned this. I haven't heard of it either.

The info on here is amazing.

Good luck to you!

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Cindy for that info. Wifes pathology report stated she had DCIS as well as IDC but the Dr didnt state what type. Another question for the Onc.

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Wow! Thanks for the infi. I'd never heard that term either....now I wonder what mine was..

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Yes, thanks for this info. I had never heard of it either. Good luck zivagirl.

Sue :)

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breast cancer per Path reports. Very complicated cancer ...

Zivagirl .. good luck and prayers your way.


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Wishing you good luck Zivagirl and sending you prayers!

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This is new to me too. Sorry first that you even have bc.

And second, want to wish you good luck!

Hugs, Debby

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Yes, my path report says dcis, comedo, solid form, hormone negative.
I am having my skin sparing, bilateral mastectomy, with immediate reconstruction on July 16. I don't know much about it except that it is quite aggressive, fast growing. I am also getting a sentinel node biopsy with my mastectomy.

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Sorry to hear your bc type is the same as mine (comedo). My volume is less than 5% not sure what yours is. I am awaiting my first visit w/the surgeon 6/29 - initial path report dx on 6/16. So far all I've had done was the core biopsy. I so wish you good luck as well as all those dealing w/this dreadful disease. Members on this site are all Angels looking out for eacher and are so appreciated!

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I thought I was all set for the bilateral. Now the insurance says no. They will not pay for the other breast since there is no cancer in it. But, there is such a high rate of recurrence with this type of cancer, and with it being hormone negative I don't know how we will prevent it coming back. I am not a happy camper right now.

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