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Tinnatus-hearing aid assistance available

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Howdy, for those of us who might suffer long term hearing loss accompanied by tinnatus, hearing aids are often prescribed to lessen the sound in the ear/brain. Problem is, hearing aids are very costly, $2,500 or more.

There are a couple of sources for financial and fitting support available. One is the Lions Club program, which recycles hearing aids, refurbishes them, and hands them out for about $150 or so each. You have to meet income guidelines, but they are pretty liberal. To see about this one call Lions Interational number at: 1‐866‐623‐9053
I've had experience with this service with my girlfriend, who suffered hearing loss and tinnatus a year or so ago from an infection.

The other, which charges about $600 per for new aids if you qualify is Audient.
Here is their info:
Audient – Alliance for Accessible Hearing Care, 1.877.283.4368, www.AUDIENTalliance.org. Audient provides new hearing aids to individuals who fall within 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The individual must pay around $600 per aid, which is still less expensive than many hearing aids today.


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Thanks for the info, I just purchase some new Hearing Aids a few months ago normal price was $7,500 and I got them for $5,500 through True Hearing, I don’t have there number because I am taking a little R&R in Honduras right at the time. I also would like to donate my old hearing aids to the Lions Club if it will help someone.

Thanks again

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Damn, that is a lot of money, honestly, i realy dont know how much mine costs, as i have been fortunate in getting them for free. as i am still classed as a disabilty pensioner here in Australia.

I have been deaf since birth,so deaf that i have always needed the most powerful aids available, i do not use sign language, but lip read 100%, the aids only help me hear noise, which is very helpful like knowing that i have actualy started my car :):):) or some one is talking to me..

I gave some of my old aids to a street stall vendor in Bangkok, who was deaf, he modified the ear molds with a razor blade to fit his ear with the help of some glue of sorts, and now he can hear to some extent, made him one of the happiest man in BK i guess.



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I like this anecdote. I can just picture the happiness.


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