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Happy Father's Day

Lena Rose
Posts: 73
Joined: Apr 2010

to all the courageous Dads out there! Hope you enjoy your day as best as you can!

sweetblood22's picture
Posts: 3228
Joined: Jan 2010

Hope all of you dads have a very Happy Father's Day!

Posts: 665
Joined: Apr 2010

Wishing all you father's out there a wonderfull day!

Kimba1505's picture
Posts: 557
Joined: Apr 2010

To all the father's out there...know that you are honored today.

debbiejeanne's picture
Posts: 3095
Joined: Jan 2010

to all fathers, i hope your day is as wonderful as this day is beautiful!! Enjoy!
God Bless,

Hondo's picture
Posts: 6643
Joined: Apr 2009

I am having a great Fathers Day, I am on vacation in Paradise

Skiffin16's picture
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Joined: Sep 2009

Have Fun Down There, but don't forget to come back to La.....

Thanks for the post, both my children gave me a call today. Always glad to get those calls. After I started feeling better they both flew in (son from California, daughter from Texas) for the Holidays....

For all of you that might still have young ones, cherish the moments, as you know they seem to slip away so quickly.... I can still remember my children when they were just toddlers, seems like yesterday. Now my son will be 30 in a few weeks, and my daughter is 25. Both are still and always will be my babies though.


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