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Invasive Cancer of the Bladder (In the Bladder Wall)

Daddys Girl 561
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I'm 22 years old, and I'm not ready to say goodbye to my father...
He's been diagnosed with invasive cancer of the bladder, after having a tumor removed from his bladder about the size of a lemon... His current doctor will not perform the surgery needed (removing the bladder and making a new one out of his large intestines).
Any thoughts on funding/financial aid for this? I don't know the first thing about cancer. My father is not technilogically inclined, so I've decided to gather the research and grab the answers. Any help/suggestions/feedback/or anything is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Daddy' Girl. What state do you live in? My mother has the same thing...just diagnosed in March. She was also told no surgery; she is too frail and cancer is just too far advanced. I have gotten her help from a few different sources. She lives in CA and is on Medicare. Visiting Nurses Assoc. comes out twice a week to change dressing on kidney tube. Personal care (helping to bathe, changes sheets, etc.) lady comes out once a week. I also have a call into In Home Services for elderly through the county and am waiting to hear how many hours they will allow for personal services...they supposedly will take to dr. appointments, cook, and help in personal care. It is covered on MediCal and is free. I have also spoken to Hospice.

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