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diet and supplementation during the radiation

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Hi everyone,
I have uterine cancer stage 3a grade 2 and I had total hysterectomy March 23th this year, waiting for radiation. I wonder if there is anyone who can tell me what diet and supplements can help reduce the side effects of radition(early and late).
If you had radiation without serious side effects, can you please share what diet you had and what supplements you took (if any).
I will appriciate any advise, I'm so affraid of the side effects.

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Sorry you have to be joining us, but happy you found this site to help you along with your journey. I had minimal side effects from radiation while going through it or afterwards. I finished my radiation a year ago May. I had some nausea, and was very tired, but that passed after the radiation was completed. I had 3 more chemo treatments after the radiation. I did not have the bowel issues that many had during radiation, so did not have to alter my diet. I could continue with the fruits and vegetables. Good luck with your radiation treatments. Hope all goes well for you. In peace and caring.

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Welcome! I had 3 sessions of chemo, 33 sessions of radiation (external to pelvis) and final 3 sessions of chemo. I found the radiation in some ways to be more difficult for me. I'm a huge vegetable/fruit eater and had to stop most of it due to roughage.....way too much! My doc gave me some over-the-counter products to take which was helpful and learned to not eat so much roughage....more bland diet. After 2 weeks my energy level was zapped and I just had to learn to rest and take mini-naps during the day. I work from home, therefore all of this was easy for my schedule as could run to bathroom and/or take naps.

I'd imagine your doc will give you a listing of foods to avoid and products to take helping to slow the bowels. If you follow this, it's truly not bad just takes time getting used to. Today I'm almost 11 months from any treatments I'm almost 100% normal. Bowels are a bit fast, generally only after eating an apple or oatmeal.

Don't fret over it as it's just for the few weeks you're having radiation, then your body does adjust. Amazing how our bodies adapt...

Best to you,

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I went through radiation without any common side effects like bowel and bladder problems.
My herbalist mixed for me herb formula and I was taking royal jelly with ginseng.

And diet. Those days I started eating high percentage of raw food. That mean no meat, white bread, rice or sugar, no diary except yogurt for Budwig protocol. And lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I got paper from nurse about BRAT diet and after radiation I realized that I ate only bananas and whole apples.

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Ask your doctor's office if there is an oncology dietician where you are getting your treatment. There is one at the hospital I am getting treatment and she is invaluable.

I am only having chemo so I can't speak to radiation. I do know that certain supplements can interfere with chemo so it's been important for me to learn what supplements I can take from my onc dietician. She has, also, recommended increased protein intake to help my body recover from the chemo.

They may have answers to your question at ACS 1-800-ACS-2345

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