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Parathyroid nodule

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I have hypothyroidism and currently taking .137 MCG. I have noticed that I was sore on the front of my throat so since I was due to have my levels done I had my doctor check it. Next day had a thyroid sono and this morning got the call that I have a 1/2" nodule on my parathyroid. Well I have looked for a message board on parathyroid and can't find one so I am coming here if anyone has had their parathyroids effected and what can I expect. She is scheduling me with a endo.

I am a little po'ed because what little I did find on parathyroidism I have almost all the symptoms. For 12 years I passed kidney stone on a monthly basis and sometimes a couple of times. I was told I produced way too much calcium and had very high calcium levels. Well I was stupid and didn't think to ask good questions. I was told to lay off the dairy products but funny thing is I don't do alot of dairy products. Now I read that kidney stones can be caused by parathyroidism and it could of possibily been fixed and saved me alot of pain! But I guess that is water under the bridge.

Anyhow, I am wondering if I have been having trouble for a long time and I am now scared it could be cancer. Anyone have a nodule on their parathyroid??? I know this is a thyroid area but I didn't know where else to go.



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Hello. I am new to this community..and sorry didn't get to see your question until now..I myself had parathyroidectomy on my left neck area. It was 2.5cm mass and it gave me all kind of symptom of hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia . I was always tired, mood swing,easy to get shortness of breath. I got bad hives all over my body mostly at night all the time. My calcium level was very high but my phosphorus was too low...that's how my MD got all these thing together and sent me to do more test. He said in all his 25 year of his practice I was his only hyperparathyroid patient that he got to diagnosed I t was very rare thing. Oh my PTH also up to the roof.My bones were all gone bad..I was also diagnosed with herniated disc which gave me so much trouble 2-3 year later .

Don't be scare parathyroid cancer not as common as thyroid cancer . By this time you should already see your endo and got your lab work done .Prob. just the s&s of hyperparathyroidism just like mine was. Surgery is much easier than thyroid.( got my thyroid out last week so I know for sure)

English was not my first language but I am glad if this information help. Take good care...

p.s forgot to mention that mine was not cancer it was primary hyperparathyroid adenoma .
And a few month after surgery all my blood work were back to normal , other symptom were gone only my bone problem which I learn to live with it .

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