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sister just diagnosed

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i just got cancer free from ovarian 3 weeks ago, now sister is diagnosed with liver cancer

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Tina Blondek
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Hi azgrandma and welcome. First congratulations on beating and surviving ovarian cancer! Wonderful news. Sorry to hear of your sister, but you will be wonderful support and information for her. You have been there and done that. There are some new treatments out there for liver cancer. It is called theraspheres.
Spelling may be wrong. There is a woman on the esophageal discussion board who's husband had ec with mets to the liver. He went for this new treatment, and is doing very well. I will contact her and have her reply to you. Their names are Sherri and Jim. If your sister's liver cancer is in the beginning stages, she may be able to have surgery. She can also have chemo and radiation. You know all of this though, you have just been on this journey! Keep up your spirits, stay positive. Keep in touch. I was a caregiver for my dad he fought this battle of ec with mets to the liver for 16 mos. He passed away in March.

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