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Jan Trinks
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Hi all again:

Basketcase wife here again! Hubby got his two units of blood today - no problems and what a difference it has made. Also saw the gastro today and endoscopy is scheduled for next Thursday at 1 or 2. He is leaning towards an ulcer and when I asked him (he's so nice) could this be late side effect of chemo/radiation he so calmly told me and explained that his body with chemo/rad is as you all know takes a beating and is stressed out in addition to his blood being stressed out. Now hubby had a bleeding ulcer 30 years ago which the gastro said all the more reason. But the big news is hubby can go back to work if he feels like it; so he's planning on staying off through Monday and going back Tues. Praise the Lord! Thanks for all your encouraging remarks and taking the time to post them and of course thanks for the prayers and continued ones as y'all are in ours. Happy Father's Day everyone!

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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Hi Jan and Charlie,

Great news!!! I am glad he feels up to going back to work. I start back the 5th of July.
Prayers still coming, good luck!


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I'm behind you a bit Steve. I probably wont get back to work until late July or August. I've turned the corner for sure. Still can't swallow much but water, but there are good signs I'm close to getting over the hump.



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Jan and Charlie, that is absolutely FANTASTIC!! That is the news we on here live for, GOOD NEWS. You will both continue to be in my prayers. Keep bringing the good news...
God Bless you friends,

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Hey, that's great news.

They will beat that ulcer into submission in no time.

Glad to hear Charlie can return to work. That's what us newbie's like to hear about. Life getting back to something that resembles normal.

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