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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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I have got the word they are finally going to biopsy the lumps in arm and use a CT scanner to make sure they get the areas. Seems allot of diagnostics used when I would have thought this would have made the most sense.
I also was to see my pain specialist since pain issues are now here again. A little disheartening when I had done so well for so many years. Seems old problems are rearing their ugly heads because of the pain and stress on the arm. She did have a reaction to findings on the brain MRI and I am sure she will go through everything and tell me what she thinks my next appointment.
I decided I would deal with the lumps and then would worry about the MRI findings of lesions and demilation and escemia with my GP and find a neurologist who deals with MS patients. I have talked to my friends who have MS and a young neighbor and they all had the very same symptoms I have experienced. One problem at a time is all I can do and hope that I will have that quality to my life returned.
One step forward at a time is the best that we can hope for and I finally feel like the wind is changing in that very direction for me...
Be good to yourself always,

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hey tara...i'll be praying for you...wendy

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Nice to feel your support.
I am sorry you are having a problem with lympyadema I was very fortunate that mine is slight and due to physical work sometimes wonder if that hasn't been the real help.
Sleeve or no sleeve you will find your soul mate since I believe there is truly one out there intended for each and everyone of us.
I am very fortunate that my partner and I are at a very great place and finally feels like we have the rest of our lives together... One truly has to put themselves out there and that often seems to be the hardest part. Even after all these years we have to keep adapting to the never ending of changes that have happened throughout our lives together.
I am praying that you too will find what you are looking for.

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