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Waiting on Results

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I have been diagnosed with having three thyroid nodules-this was found after an ultrasound so my doctor sent me to have a thyroid scan which I had yesterday...I am wondering because the nurse who did the scan said to me that she would see if the doctor on duty wanted to talk to me afterwards-he didn't so would I be right to assume that this means there is nothing serious and I can stop worrying?
Or is it just standard practice for your regular GP to read the report and inform you of
the diagnosis?

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Normally, they report to your GP or the physician that requested the test. But if you don't hear something from them within 5 days, I would start enquiring. I was diagnosed in March, 2009 with papillary carcinoma (stage 4). Before it was detected, it had already mestastisized into my lungs. The performed a thyroidectomy removing the surrounding lymph nodes and I've had the iodine treatments. However, the cancer in my lungs is not responding to the iodine and is still growing. I've getting the run around from the endo and my onco. I have to constantly keep on them about letting me know what's going on. Presently, I'm about to have a lung biopsy on Monday, 6/21. A thoracic surgeon is going to be performing the test to see what it actually is. I wish you the best. Feel free to talk. I'll be checking in.

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Did you have any symptoms before your cancer was found?? I'm a mess. I just had an ultrasound of my thyroid yesterday, and today I am going in to talk to my doctor about it. It obviously wasn't normal! My doctor's mother, who is her receptionist at times, is the one that called me. She wouldn't let me talk to the doctor. She is very protective of her. I tried to get info out of her. I asked her if it was cancer, she said no....but I'm sure they have to test before they know for sure. She had said something about checking it again in 4 months. But I have been thinking about changing doctors because my doctor keeps blaming everying on stress.....which I am. She wasn't going to do a thyroid ultrasound but decided to or else I would worry. I had told her that I have to cough when I turn my head a certain way. Also when I get stressed I started feeling it in my neck, usually upper neck and area around wisdom teeth. Doctor thought I was clenching my teeth when I get stressed. I just haven't felt good in awhile, but put it off as maybe being depressed or overly worrying. Seems like when I'm dong something I like I don't feel bad. Well, I just had to 'talk' to someone.

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HI Veronica57,

Can you kindly share more about any feelings you experienced in your breathing before or after this was discovered? I am early in my journey as my Thyroid FNA was suspicious due to signs of Hurthle cell and I have had some generalized feeling of burning in my lungs. I am meeting with a surgeon tomorrow to discuss the surgery process and want to be sure I am doing my best to catch everything as early as possible.

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from what my Endrocronologyst said, most doctors besides your primary care or specialist for that care will only ask you questions if they need something else for there report or if there is a major issue they spot they will probably have you do more scans.

when i got my scans (after radiation theropy) they did an extra few scans cause they wanted a better picture of where the radiation was.. took about a week to get ahold of my Endo and verify that yep it was only found where they expected to find it and everything looked ok.. I talked to an Ear Nose Throat doctor 2 days before i got ahold of my Endo and she looked at my file and said everything looked ok to her but the specialist(the endocronologyst) was the one who could say for positive

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It is usually standard practice for your primary care doctor to inform you of the results....except for my post RAI scan the radiologist told me right away.

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