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Anyone ever had an ablation?

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My husband is scheduled to have an ablation on July 8 and I'm sort of wondering if any one has had it, what it was like. He's already had 3 surgeries, 6 chemo sessions and we're waiting on this. It was this or radiation and the "Tumor Board" at Sloan had 15 doctors agree that was the best way to go (15 doctors agreeing is in itself a miracle).

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Are you asking about a LASER procedure?

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Probably talking about radiofrequency ablation, which is (I'm quoting) "...the use of high-frequency electrical current to heat a specific volume of tissue to temperatures high enough to cause destruction of undesired malignant cells...while minimizing damage of surrounding tissue."

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I had Ablasion done to my uterus in Sept of 2010.
It removed the lining of my uterus, it was a simple procedure
and did much good for me

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