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Radiation tips? - parotid gland and fertility ?

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Hello! Two months ago I had a tumor removed from my parotid gland that turned out to be cancer- acinic cell carcenomia. It didnt spread to lymphnoids or anything but one margin was really close to my nerves so they suggested radiation. Getting my mask fitted sucked! For those of you who had radiation, any tips you wish you knew before starting? Such as tips to reduce side effects etc?

Also I am a married younger woman. Did any of you take steps to preserve your fertility before radiation- I am not going through chemo?


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Welcome Jessica, how many radiation treatments will you have? I had 35 ending in mid April of this year. If you're going to have that many, you may want to talk to your RO about a feeding tube.

As far as tips, just know that as the rads go on you will get more or less tired, and more or less sore. DLewis recently posted a recipe for mouthwash, then there is a product called aquafor for more sever reactions. Teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, gargled can help. I also use a dry mouth wash from Biotene. Again the doctor or nursing staff will give you info as you have the treatments.

My girlfriend has been caring for her child for over 12 years. Her girl had brain cancer, and later an attack of aspergillus fungus on her optic nerve that they missed that cost her some--but not all by far--brain function, balance problems, and others. I just talked to her and at ageF 14 when it occured, her daughter was advised that she might want to have some eggs harvested, and that both chemo/and or radiation--to the head-- can cause problems, even with radiation to the head area, so again, be sure and check with your oncologist on that.

The mask. First few times I couldn't stop thinking about the mask, but before long, for me, it became much more telerable and I would usually think about something else until I heard the cycle coming to the end and the footsteps of my techs coming down the hall. It usually doesn't last long, and I hope it get easy for you as it did me.

Very best of luck on your treatment. I'm glad the surgery is over for you.


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