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Great news!

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Hi There,

Wanted to share some great news with you all. My mom was diagnosed with Uterine Serous Carcinoma on Jan 20, 2010- One doctor says its 3C, the other says 4b- the reason being that she had distant lymph nodes involved- but her organs were spared. She had her surgery then started Chemo on March 4th. She started with weekly carbo/taxol- CA-125 number started at around 200, jumped to 245, then to 240, then 222, and kind of stayed around the 200's for a while until finally she developed a fever after her 7th treatment so he gave her a break that week. Come back the following week and the Doc says that her numbers weren't coming down fast enough, so he switched her to Doxil. Well the week after her break, and the day she got her first infusion of Doxil, they took her ca125 before the infusion. We found out that the carbo/taxol actually brought her number down to 118! we were so excited and worried that maybe we made the switch too soon. Then we got her number two weeks after her Doxil infusion (since doxil is given to her every 4 weeks) and it was down to 27!!! her surgeon requested a CT scan even though her chemo doc was against it. Took the CT scan, and low and behold she had a near clean scan- doc said 99% gone!!!!!! when she started chemo, she still had some enlarged nodes so we had been hoping and praying that these treatments work since she still had visual cancer and it looks like they are :) She has two infusions left to go before she is done with chemo and then has to decide if she wants radiation or not. Ugh- one step at a time i guess- I'm just soooooooooo happy that they are talking remission. Even if it does come back, at least she can have some sort of break. My mom's treatment schedule is a little different then most, but since this cancer is so difficult and aggressive, I'm happy he is taking a proactive approach.

I love reading all your posts, even though it saddens me to learn of so many recurrences. I hope and pray that each of you find that silver bullet that puts you in long-term remission.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks for sharing the great news. I'm glad your mother is responding well to treatment.

My prayers are with you and all. Mary Ann

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Amanda...thank you for updating on your dear Mother and the wonderful progress she has made. It must be such a relief to all of you!!

Keeping you in my thoughts and sending BIG HUGS to you and your Mom!!


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Cecile Louise
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That's great news, Amanda! So glad to hear how well your Mother is doing. I know you must be dancing with joy - and we're all cheering, too! Thanks for sharing the excellent news!


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Make sure she enjoys this remission!! NO worrying about recurrence!! She needs to let the joy wash over her and BELIEVE in it, so that this wonderful break and GOOD NEWS won't be wasted with worry. I'm so happy for you both!

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